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The wheat crop was introduced in Uganda in the early 1900s but up to now very few farmers know the crop and how it should be grown. Wheat production in Uganda therefore remains low but with potential to increase if the land planted with wheat is also increased. The area planted with wheat is about 5000 ha.

Uganda’s demand of wheat is high than its supply leading to the import of wheat to meet the local demand. There are few skilled local wheat farmers in Uganda and the country has to import skilled labour from Kenya and other wheat growing countries.

Wheat grain quality
Good quality grain should be bright un-weathered, free from fungal and bacterial diseases
unsprouted and free from musty odour. It should not have been mechanically damaged or attacked by rodents. It should generally be free of foreign matter and moisture content not exceeding 15%.

Main wheat growing Areas
The crop is mainly grown in the temperate areas of Uganda with altitude above 1500m which include the slopes of Mount Elgon, and Mount Rwenzori and parts of Kabale, Kapchorwa, Bushenyi, Fort portal , Mbarara and Bundibugyo.

Processing wheat
The main wheat milling company in Uganda is Uganda Grain Milling Company in Jinja. There are however a number of small wheat millers.

Uses of Wheat
The wheat has the following uses:
• Food is the form of chapatti.
• Baking in homes and industries
• To make animal and poultry feed


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