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Uganda’s advantages in the livestock industry

In the region Uganda has the following advantages in the livestock industry:

  • Uganda gets adequate and well-distributed rainfall across the country which enables the growth of pasture grass. The level of rainfall can support the production of foods like maize, wheat used in animal and poultry feeds.
  • The animal and poultry feeds processing sector has attracted quite a number of investors. There are a number of human and animal processing companies in the country. Quality animal feeds can easily been obtained across the country.
  • Most of the grassland suitable for livestock is not effectively being utilised. A lot of land is still idle or is under stocked. Uganda has therefore capacity to increase the production using the available land.
  • The marketing infrastructure for beef cattle, goats, pigs and poultry is well developed. There are open markets for beef cattle, goats and sheet in the various places of the country.
  • The livestock extension services can easily be accessed all over the country
  • Uganda has abundant labour force well distributed across the country to execute manual work in farms
  • There are a reasonable number of trainable workers to carry out some skilled tasks.
  • Government of Uganda has embarked on the reform policies which have attracted investment in livestock industry.

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