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Uganda Tax Rates

Uganda has the following principle tax headings:
1. Personal Income Taxes
• The tax rates applicable are progressive to 30% of the person’s income
2. Corporate Income tax
• The tax is applicable to resident corporate on the worldwide income and non-resident corporate on the income earned from Uganda.
3. Capital Gains Tax
• The gains as calculated are added to income and taxed following either personal income tax rules if the individual is involved or corporate income tax rules in case of corporate.
4. Value Added Tax
• Value Added Tax is applicable when dealing with Vatable supplies. The standard rate of VAT is 18%. The VAT law has provisions for zero rated and exempt   supplies.
5. Excise Duty
• Excise Duty is imposed on locally produced goods mainly of luxurious nature and some imports. The duty is therefore levied on excisable goods and the current list includes beer, spirits, cigarettes, soft drinks, wine, airtime etc.
6. Import and Customs Duties
• These are collected on goods that are entering Uganda or services delivered to residents by non-residents. The duties are determined on a specific or ad valorem basis.
7. Stamp Duty
• This is a tax levied on a number of commercial transactions.
8. Withholding Taxes
• Withholding (WHT) is collected at the point of payment by the payer unless the payee is exempted.
9. Local Taxes
• The Local Government have power to levy, charge and collect appropriate fees and taxes including rates, rents, royalties, stamp duties and registration and licensing fees in accordance with the law.

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