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Portal Avenue, Kampala, Ug

9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Sat) 




Uganda Reptile Village in Entebbe

Uganda Reptile Village is located on Kampala-Entebbe Highway at Abaita Ababiri.  It is on one hectare of land just 4 km off the Entebbe-Kampala Highway. The area where the Reptile Village is located is fast being developing into a middle class residential zone. They are over 20 reptile species on display and over 50 reptiles in total.

History of Reptile Village
The Reptile village was introduced in 2003 and at the time the whole place was bushy and the owner worked for hours to clear the area for his wildlife. The owner, Kazibwe, had little training but had great passion which enabled him to built simple pens for the reptiles.

Uganda Reptile Village is enclosed in a fence and three large concrete structures stand in the middle as the homes for the reptiles which have made Kazibwe’s famous.

There are over 20 different species reptile  on display  ranging from cobras, boom slangs, skinks, monitor lizards, tortoises and the most poisonous snake in Africa the Baboon Viper. One enclosure is an open basin, as the species hosted there are non-climbing. Another basin is home for four different species of tortoises. The details of the reptiles are as follows:

Snake Species
The snakes on display include the following:

  • Mambas
  • Pythons
  • Cobras
  • Puff adders

Reptile village has a special mesh-enclosing a tree for five chameleons, a large pool for a crocodile and two monitor lizards and an open trench for several tortoises.

Significance Reptile Village
The main significance is to educate the community that they can engage in eco-tourism which involves community effort in protecting the wildlife and conserving our environment. Wildlife and the environment is part of heritage which we have to preserve for generations to come.

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