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Uganda Civil Service

The Uganda civil service is composed of those persons in the traditional civil service, teaching service (primary and secondary), police, prisons, public universities and the governments’ staff. However, it excludes employees of semi-autonomous institutions and parastatals.

The size of the civil service  has been as follows over the years


Size of civil Service

Percentage Change




















Institutions of following under the ministry

Functions  of the Ministry


Ministry of Local Government


All local administrative authorities fall under this ministry i.e. Local councils

·    To inspect, monitor, and where necessary offer technical advice/assistance, support supervision and training to all Local Governments.

·    To coordinate and advise Local Governments for purposes of harmonization and advocacy.

·    To act a Liaison/Linkage Ministry with respect to other Central Government Ministries and Departments, Parastatals, Private Sector, Regional and International Organizations.

·    To research, analyze, develop and formulate national policies on all taxes, fees, levies, rates for Local Governments.


Ministry of Defence


Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF)

Presidential Guard Brigade(PGB)

·    Defending the country from external attacks


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Uganda’s foreign missions and embassies fall under this ministry

·    Managing the Foreign Policy of Uganda

·    Providing overall advice on Foreign Policy formulation and guidance on its implementation

·    Providing overall coordination and harmonization of Foreign policy positions with other government entities and stakeholders

·    Fostering a conducive environment for Trade, Tourism, Technology transfer and Investment

·    Collecting and disseminating information relating to Trade, investment and tourism opportunities

·    Coordinating national efforts in the promotion of regional cooperation and integration.

·    Contributing to the quest for regional and international peace and security in collaboration with other stakeholders.

·    Promoting the culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts through multilateral organizations.

·    Protecting the welfare and interests of Ugandans abroad.

·    Facilitating a conducive environment for operations of foreign diplomatic missions and International Organizations accredited to Uganda.

·    Conducting State Protocol and Ceremonial orders.

·    Mobilizing external resources and securing employment opportunities abroad.

·    Providing Consular services at home and at our missions abroad.



Ministry of Internal Affairs

· Uganda Police Force

· Uganda Prisons

· Uganda Fire Brigade

·    Keep peace, law and order

·    Provide forensic and scientific analytical testing and services.

·    Ensure safe custody, humane treatment and rehabilitation of offenders.

·    Regulate and facilitate movement of people in and out of the country.

·    Implement the amnesty Act 2000

·    Implement the Community Service Programme as an

·    Alternative sentence under the criminal justice system

·    Coordinate and address the proliferation of illicit Small arms and light weapons

·    Registering and monitoring of Non Governmental Organisations.


Ministry of Education and Sports






· Government Primary Schools

· Government Secondary Schools

· Government Tertiary Institutions

· National Council for Higher Education

· National Curriculum Development Centre

· Uganda National Examinations Board

· Education Service Commission

· National Council for Sports

·    Monitors government educational institutions in the country



Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development


·    promotes issues of social protection, gender equality, equity, human rights, culture, decent work conditions and empowerment for different groups such as women, children, the unemployed youth,


Ministry of Finance planning and Economic Development


· Uganda Insurance Commission (UIC)

· Uganda National Council of Science and Technology (UNCST)

· Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT)

· National Enterprise Corporation (NEC)

· Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)

· Uganda Investment Authority (UIA)

· Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)

· Population Secretariat

· Departed Asians Property Custodian Board (DAPCB)

· Non – Performing Assets Recovery Trust


·    In charge of collecting and budgeting for all govern Formulate policies that enhance stability and accelerate economic growth and development

·    Plan and design strategies for rapid economic growth and transformation

·    Mobilize domestic and external resources

·    Ensure efficient allocation and utilisation of public funds

·    Monitor and account for the utilisation of public resources


Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs


· First Parliamentary Counsel (FPC)

· Law Council

· Civil Litigation


·    Facilitating the development and enactment of appropriate legislation.

·    Initiating and facilitating the revision and reform of the laws of Uganda and providing an effective mechanism for their change.

·    Advising the government and its allied institutions on all legal matters.

·    Drafting all proposed laws and legal documents.

·    Instituting or defending civil suits in which Government and/or its allied institutions are party and ensuring that court decisions are satisfied.

·    Overseeing the training of Lawyers.

·    Promoting and fostering adherence to the rule of law and natural justice.

·    Controlling legal practice in the country.

·    Disseminating legal information to the public

·    Liaising and working with institutions which seek to eradicate corruption

·    Promoting legal advice of the constitution


Ministry of Health


· Government Hospitals

· Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS)

·  National Medical Stores

· National Public Health

· National Drug Authority

· Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO).

· National Chemotherapeutics Research Laboratory

· Uganda Aids Commission

· Uganda Virus Research Institute

·    policy formulation and policy dialogue with Health Development Partners, resource mobilization and budgeting, strategic planning, regulation, advising other ministries on health matters, setting standards and quality assurance, capacity development and technical support, provision of nationally coordinated services such as epidemic control, coordination of health research and monitoring and evaluation of the overall sector performance.


Ministry of Works and Transport

· Uganda National Roads Authority     (UNRA)

·    Plan, develop and maintain an economic, efficient and effective transport infrastructure.

·    Plan, develop and maintain an economic, efficient and effective transport services by road, rail, water, and air.

·    Manage public works including Government Structures.

·    Promote standards in the construction industry.


Ministry of Energy and Minerals



·    In charge of managing Uganda’s natural and mineral resources


Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries


· National Agricultural Advisory Services(NAADS)

· Plan For Modernisation of Agriculture (PMA)

· National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO)

· Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)

· Dairy Development Authority (DDA)

· Cotton Development Authority (CDA)


·    Formulate, review and implement national policies, plans, strategies, regulations and standards and enforce laws, regulations and standards along the value chain of crops, livestock and fisheries.

·    Control and manage epidemics and disasters, and support the control of sporadic and endemic diseases, pests and vectors;

·    Regulate the use of agricultural chemicals, veterinary drugs, biological, planting and stocking materials as well as other inputs;

·    Support the development of infrastructure and use of water for agricultural production along livestock, crop and fisheries value chains;

·    Establish sustainable systems to collect, process, maintain and disseminate agricultural statistics and information;

·    Support provision of planting and stocking materials and other inputs to increase production and commercialization of agriculture for food security and household income.

·    Develop public infrastructure to support production, quality / safety assurance and value-addition along the livestock, crop and fisheries commodity chains

·    Monitor, inspect, evaluate and harmonize activities in the agricultural sector including local governments.

·    Strengthen human and institutional capacity and mobilize financial and technical resources for delivery of agricultural services.

·    Develop and promote collaborative mechanisms nationally, regionally and internationally on issues pertaining to the sector.


Ministry of Water and Environment


· National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA)

· National Forestry Authority (NFA)

· National Water and Sewage Corporation(NWSC)

·    Provide water and sewage services

·    Protect the environment from pollution

·    Conserve forests

·    Advise government on issues concerning the environment


Ministry of Public Service


· Uganda police

· Inspector general of Government

· Director of Public Prosecutions

· Auditor General

· Health Service Commission

·    In charge of all civil servants and public workers

·    Responsible for paying civil servants salaries


Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industry


· Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA)

· Uganda Commodity Exchange

· Uganda Wildlife Education Centre(UWEC)

· Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)

· Uganda National Bureau of Standards

· Uganda Industrial Research Institute

· Management Training and Advisory Centre

· Uganda Export Promotion Board

·    To formulate and review, where necessary appropriate policies, legislation, regulations and standards for sustainable development of tourism, trade, industrialization and technology, co-operative movement and other tradable national products for increased wealth and benefit to the country.

·    To initiate, co-ordinate, support, oversee and where applicable, facilitate implementation of strategies and programmes aimed at enhancing the development and promotion of tourism, trade, the co-operatives, industry and technology, conservation and preservation of other tradable national products and ensure their maximum benefit to the country.

·    To inspect, monitor and evaluate the progress, standards, state and efficiency of the various sectors, under its mandate for quality assurance, policy direction and guidance.

·     To conduct studies and evaluate the impact of the Sectored, fiscal and other policies on the advancement of the diversified sector and their effect on the poverty eradication program so as to advise authorities appropriately.

·     To promote and co-ordinate research activities and initiatives of the sector with a view to ensure that results are utilised and are beneficial to the country and all stakeholders.

·     To assess the need and where necessary, mobilise resources to support balanced industrial, co-operatives, tourism, and entrepreneurial development for eradication of poverty in the country.

·    To collect, process, analyse, and disseminate national and international data/information on the sectors and (provide an input for) rational decision-making.

·    To participate in negotiations and implementations of arrangements relating to international and national treaties of the diversified sector.


Ministry of Information and Communications Technology


· Uganda Broadcasting Council

· Uganda Communications Commission

· Uganda Posts Limited

· The National Information Technology Authority

·    Providing strategic and technical leadership, overall coordination, support and advocacy on all matters of policy, laws, regulations and strategy for the ICT sector.

·    Ensures sustainable, efficient and effective development, harnessing and utilization of ICT in all spheres of life to enable the country achieve its national development goals.


Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development

· National Housing

·    Formulate national policies, strategies and programmes on lands, housing and urban development sectors;

·    Initiate, review and make amendments to existing legislation on lands, housing and urban development.

·    Set national standards on matters regarding sustainable use and development of land and safe, planned and improved housing/human settlement

·    Monitor and coordinate national lands, housing and urban development initiatives and policies as they apply to Local Governments.

·    Provide support supervision and technical back-stopping to Local Governments on matters regarding lands, housing and urban development.

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