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Transport Sector regulators

Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT)
The ministry has the role of promoting an adequate, reliable, safe and well maintained public works and transport infrastructure and services so as to effectively contribute to the soci-economic development of the country. The role of the ministry includes the following:
•    Planning, developing and maintaining economic, efficient and effective transport services by road, rail, water and air.
•    Managing public works including government structures, and to promote standards in the construction industry.

Uganda Road Fund (URF)
The Uganda Road Fund (URF) was established by Act of Parliament with an overall purpose of ensuring that all public roads are maintained at all times through the provision of adequate and stable financing for routine and periodic maintenance undertaken by designated agencies. By aspiring to ensure a stable, adequate and timely flow of funds to agencies, the URF provides the opportunity for the implementing agencies to plan for efficiency and effective delivery of maintenance on their respective categories of roads.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)
The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) was established by an Act of Parliament; Act No. 15 with the mandate to develop and maintain the national roads network and to render advisory services to government for related matters concerning National Roads Network among others. The Operations of the Authority are funded by the Government of Uganda. The Development Projects are co-funded by Government of Uganda and Donors particularly the World Bank, European Union, Africa Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund.

District, Urban and Community Access Road (DUCAR)
The purpose of the District, Urban and Community Access Road (DUCAR) Division of the MoWT is to assist the local governments to manage their roads. With the commencement of the operation of the URF, the role of DUCAR is becoming even more important since it will act as an intermediary between URF and local governments, in terms of consolidating district roads development and maintenance plans, and channelling of both maintenance and development funds.

National Road Safety Authority (NRSA)
Government decided to set up an autonomous National Road Safety Authority that is responsible for supporting government efforts to improve road safety.

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