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Tourism Training Institutions in Uganda

The Hotel and tourism training institute


Located in Jinja

P.O. Box 444

Jinja, Uganda

Tel: +256-43121954


Makerere University Business School


Located on New Port Bell Road Kampala

P.O. Box 1337

Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256-041-4-338120/+256 414 338125/6


Makerere University


Located on Makerere Hill

P.O. Box 7062

Kampala, Uganda

 Tel: 256 41 543647/+256-41 4531261


Transafrica Tourism institute


Located on Plot 105, Kiwafu Road
P.O. Box 8445
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+256-41) 4531944, 4541023


Panworld tourism and airways institute


Located on Plot 5201 Ggaba Road
P.O. Box 6750
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+256-41) 4267208


Nkumba University


Located in Entebbe

P.O. Box 237
Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256-41 4320134, 4320262, 4320195


Kampala University


Located in Gaba, Kampala

P.O. Box 2126
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-41) 4266315, 4269761


Crested crane hotel and tourism training institute


Located on Plot 16–21, Jackson Road, Jinja

P.O Box 444

Jinja, Uganda

Tel: +256-43 4121954/5


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