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The Babiito Dynasty

The Bachwezi dynasty was followed by the Babiito dynasty. Modern day historians place the beginning of the Babiito dynasty at around the time of the invasion of Bunyoro by the Luo from the north during the reign of King Wamara the last king under the Bachwezi dynasty. The first Bito king was Isingoma Mpuga Rukidi I, whose reign is placed around the 14th century. Todate, there have been a total of 27 Babiito kings.

Raise of the Babiito
The Batembuzi were conquered by the Bachwezi who set up the Kitara Empire before they were themselves overrun by the Babiito who moved from Ethiopia. The Babiito formed the present Bunyoro Kingdom.

The Luo who came to Uganda had become separated from northern clans and they split again into two between 1170 and 1470. One group lived near Mont Agoro where they were joined by the Jo-Oma clan, a cattle keeping clan, from whom they learnt about cattle-keeping. A cattle disease forced many Luo to cross the Nile into the Bachwezi Empire leaving behind a few groups which were led by Owiny 1 who established the first Luo kingdom of Tekidi. Owony married a Muhima girl and had a son he named Rukidi. Rukidi left his father and joined the Luo who had migrated to the Bachwezi Empire where he founded the new Babiito dynasty of Kitara.


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