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Sugar Cane


Sugar Cane in Uganda

Cane Sugar growing in Uganda begins with the establishment of sugar plantations at Kakira in 1919 and Lugazi in 1924. Sugar cane grows best in warm, sunny, frost-free weather. It needs fertile, well-drained soil and at least 1,500 millimetres of rain each year or access to irrigation supplies. Sugarcane needs plenty of moisture and protection from weeds

Sugar content of Sugar Cane
The sugar content of sugar cane varies from one area to another. In Uganda, it is around 9%. The country’s mills therefore have to process 1.11 million tonnes of cane to produce 100,000 tonnes of sugar.

Demand for sugar
Uganda consumes about 320,000 tonnes of raw sugar.

Per Capita consumption of sugar
The capita consumption of sugar in kgs is as follows:
Burundi                          3.6
Kenya                          20.3
Rwanda                         2.5
Tanzania                        7.2
Uganda                          9.3
World average             23.8

The Uganda Sugar Cane Technologists’ Association ( USCTA)

  • USCTA is a body that represents the interests of the sugar industry, and protects a large pool of work force in Uganda.
  • It consults statutory bodies and advises them on issues relevant to out-growers, consumers, large scale work force and any other issue that is relevant to the industry.
  • USCTA advises relevant ministries on ways to protect essential foreign exchange for the country.
  • It also advises relevant government ministries and institutions on the importance of ethanol and power generation that may hold the future for the country.
  • USCTA monitors quality of sugar produced in the country in line with Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), and brings to the knowledge of UNBS about any sugar imported into the country that may have violated Ugandan Standards.
  • Monitors issues related to the environment that directly or indirectly affect the Industry.

Geared up for Increased Production
Uganda imported new varieties of Sugarcane from CIRAD in Montpellier, France. So far, 231 varieties have been imported. Furthermore, the East African Sugar industry is collaborating with the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) and the International Sugar Organisation (ISO) to import an additional 500 new sugar cane varieties.

Uganda Has Three Main Sugarcane Growing Companies

  1. Sugar Corporation of Uganda (SCOUL) Located in Lugazi.
  2. Kakira Sugar Works Located in Jinja District
  3. Kinyara Sugar Works Located just outside Masindi District

Production Forecast
The production forecast in tonnes for 2012 is as follows:
Kinyara estimate        31,275  

Kakira                           157,000  

SCOUL                           45,000

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