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Ssezibwa falls


The Ssezibwa Falls are located 35km east of Kampala City in the vanilla growing district of Mukono. To reach the falls one able to see a sugarcane plantation and is also exposed to village life with households growing food on small gardens for home consumption. The falls are on Ssezibwa River with a source in the wetlands between L Victoria and Lake Kyoga West of Buikwe District. From Buikwe the river flows northwards through Mukono into Lake Kyoga in Kayunga District. The water flows   down the steep ridged stones for a height of about 7 meters. The flow of the water down the steep ridged stones results in a magnificent sound of soothing water.

Spiritual and cultural centre
The falls are most spiritual and cultures centres for the native who flock to site in hundreds for blessings in the form of wealth, love,  children, business and fortunes. The site is also believed to have healing power.The blessing ceremonies are performed by a traditional healer around the site.

The native believe that the 2 rivers Sezibwa and Bwanda were born by a woman on her way to Kavuma Bukunja when she experienced labour pains. Nakkungu Tebatuusa whose husband was called Nsubuga Sebwato gave birth to twins in form of water.  Sezibwa flowed west, passing many obstacles hence deriving its name, while Bwanda flowed towards Nyenga in Eastern Uganda to the mothers’ homeland.

Royal Visit
Ssekabaka Mwanga II planted a giant tree here to show his respect for the Ssezibwa Falls, and Muteesa II planted another. Both trees are regarded as sacred gifts from the Kabakas

The water falls is a home of several bird species and the vegetation is mainly savannah.

One is able to walk around the falls and even visit the site for the traditional healer. There  is a well kept compound where one can sit to enjoy the falls.


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