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Soya Bean

Soya flowers within 30 to35 days after sowing and ripens within 75 to 105 days.
Soya bean has a huge potential not only to fight hunger and malnutrition but as well to generate income and create jobs for Ugandan household.
Uganda produces about 50,000 metric tons of soybeans.

Demand for soya
Soybean is food at household level and because of its nutritional value soybean has attracted demand from confectionaries and companies dealing in babies’ food.

Types of Soybean
The different varieties of soya available released between 2004 and 2010 include the following;

  • Maksoy 1N
  • Namsoy 4M
  • Maksoy 2N
  • MNG 8
  • Maksoy 3N

Importance’s of Soybean

  • Soya beans are rich in proteins by 40% like 100g of soya contain 4g of proteins.
  • Soya acts as source of income because they can be sold
  • Contribute to soil fertility improvement by fixing nitrogen in the soil.
  • Soya contains 20% fats (oil)
  • Also soya acts as a body building crop by contributing 35% of carbohydrates.   
  • Soybean is used in confectionary and other companies to make various items

Areas that grow Soybean
Soya is grown in all regions of Uganda and more especially in drier districts of the Northern and Eastern regions. The key soya growing districts include the following:

  • Lira
  • Tororo
  • Jinja
  • Kasese
  • Kamwenge
  • Kyenjojo

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