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Semuliki National Park


Semlik National Park is located in Bundibugyo District in southwestern Uganda with the purpose of protecting the Ituri Forest and its biodiversity. It has an area of 220 sq km and its altitude ranges from 670m -760m above sea level.  The park is located 52km on Fort Portal – Bundibugyo Road. The park which is 465km from Kampala City was gazetted in 1993.

Hot Springs
The park is the home of Sempaya Hot Springs with boiling water at a temperature of over 130 degrees centigrade capable of boiling eggs within 10 minutes

The vegetation is made up of semi-deciduous forest of mainly ironwood with parches of swamp forest and acquatic habitat with swamps. There are over 305 species of trees of which 125 species are restricted to this park only.

Forest bird life
The park is known for forest bird life and the birds include Nkulengu Rail, Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Black-wattled Hornbill mong others. The bird species recorded by the park are in excess of 400 species.

Other wildlife
The park has recorded over 53 species of mammals many of which are rare and nocturnal.  These include Grey-cheeked Mangabey, Vervet, Olive baboons, Guereza Colobus,  De Brazza Monkeys , Mona among others.There are over 30 species of butterfly, 46 species of forest Swallow tails and Charaxes and 235 species of moths classified as restricted which have been recorded by the park.

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