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Rosemary, a member of the mint family, is a woody perennial herb, recognized as a medicinal herb for many years, for use as a circulatory tonic. It is also very popular in the culinary industry. Rosemary is also a high value essential oil crop. The plant is native to the Mediterranean coast and exotic in Uganda. Rosemary takes over a year to attain a size that is big enough for the first harvest. After the first harvest, the crop grows with vigor and develops into a large bush that covers the ground.
The volumes targeted to make the production and export of herbal teas and essential oils are commercially viable and sustainable enterprise is 237 liters of rosemary oil.


  • Rosemary local mainly include spice shops and supermarkets and it is being exported to the following countries:
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Dubai
  • Germany
  • Kenya

Growing of Rosemary
The three fundamentals for successfully growing rosemary are sun, good drainage and good air circulation.

  • It can be planted in a pot but needs pruning otherwise it will over grow the pot.
  • To maintain the size of a Rosemary plant, pruning the roots by slicing off a part of the roots from the bottom and sides of the root ball and replant it in the pot. Pruning the top of the plant as well to lessen the work load of the roots. Keeping the plant in a shade.
  • Rosemary is usually propagated from cuttings.
  • Rosemary plants need a lot of attention. They are easy to grow and do not need much fuss.
  • Mist the cuttings daily and make sure the soil does not dry out.
  • Pinch off the very top of the cutting to encourage it to develop branches.

Benefits to the farmer
Rosemary is a herb that was earmarked to be grown in Uganda because of its fertile soils to be used in manufacturing medical supplements will be processed and packaged in Uganda, and distributed to other African countries thus Rosemary has an already market that should be exploited by farmers.

Use of Rosemary

  • Rosemary is one of those wonderful herbs that make a beautiful ornamental plant that can be used for decorative purposes.
  • Rosemary may help increase the activity of detoxification enzymes.
  • Carnosol, an extract from Rosemary, has inhibited the development of both breast and skin tumours in animals.
  • Rosemary can be used as a culinary seasoning and food spice
  • Rosemary is used in generating high class scent in perfumes, cosmetics and massage oils.
  • Rosemary can also be consumed as a tea.

Areas that grow Rosemary
Areas that grow rosemary include the following:

  • Kabarole
  • Mityana
  • Kumi
  • Soroti
  • Bundibugyo
  • Mukono

Processing of Rosemary
The exercise by Uganda Crop Industries a new facility for value addition in processing essential oils in Fort Portal has been set up so they encouraging the growing of Rosemary used as a food spice and also generating high class scent in perfumes, cosmetics and massage oils according to officials of the organic export from Africa,

Toro Mityana Tea Company (TAMTECO) is a company whose core business is to produce distillation of Rosemary.

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