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Portal Avenue, Kampala, Ug

9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Sat) 




Restaurants in Jinja Town

Source Cafe Restaurant
Located on Plot 20 Main Street, Jinja
Tel: +256 (0)43-412-0911

Flavours, Coffeebar, Restaurant
Located on the Main Street Plot 12, Jinja
Tel: +256(0)776263333

The Keep Cafe
Located on Plot 12 Iganga Road
Jinja, Uganda

The black lantern restaurant
Jinja, Uganda

Gately on Nile
Located on Plot 34 Kisinja Road, Jinja Uganda
Tel: +256(0)434122400

Surjio’s Pizzeria
Located on Plot 24 Kisinja Road, Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256 772-500400

Space Cafe
Located on Lubas Road, Plot 49a, Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256 717 234023

Located on the Main Street Plot 10, Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256434660458

Rumours at the Source of the Nile
PO Box 2161
Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256 (0) 772 401 50

Mango Bar & Restaurant
Located on Scindia Road, Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256 43 120753

Other Restaurants

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