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Real Estate Current State

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development is responsible for providing policy direction, initiating laws that ensure sustainable land management, providing national standards and coordination of all matters concerning lands, housing and urban development, they promote sustainable housing for all, and foster orderly urban development in the country. Their mission is to ensure sustainable land management, planned urban and rural development and decent housing for all. Their mandate is to ensure rational and sustainable use, effective management of land and orderly development of urban and rural areas as well as safe, planned and adequate housing for socio-economic development.

Real estate investment in Uganda is one of those safe investment opportunities one should consider because the value of the properties in Uganda has grown steadily over the past 20 years and this trend is expected to remain so for some good time. Construction has become one of the main drivers of the economy because of the effect it has on the economy for job creation. Improved housing has also improved the well being of populations which has reduced the risk of instability. Real estate activities include output of real estate and renting services and owner occupied dwellings. This sector has grown by 5.8 percent in the year 2011/12 compared to the 5.7 percent annual rate that had been realized since 2008/09 to 2010/11. Its share to total GDP at constant prices for the fiscal year 2011/12 was estimated to be 5.3 percent. The legal matters relating to the real estate sector in Uganda are guided by the Constitution of Uganda, and the Land Act.

Source: 2012 Statistical Abstract, Uganda Bureau of Statistics

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