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Radio stations in Uganda and their contacts

radio stations in uganda and their contacts

best radio stations in Uganda 2022, radio stations in Uganda and their contacts

radio stations in uganda and their contactsA radio is an electronic device that transmits and receives electromagnetic waves of radio frequency more so those consisting of sound messages. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of frequency ranging between 30 hertz to 300 hertz though those in Kampala are between 80Hz and 100Hz. A radio station is an organization for the production and transmission of radio broadcasts. Radio stations transmit radio waves at different frequencies or bandwidths so one can tune from channel to channel to access the different available ones. There are different types of radios namely AM radio (amplitude modulation), shortwave radio, ham radio, walkie-talkie, etc. In Kampala however, the major types of radios are FM radio (frequency modulation) and satellite radio. FM Radio is the commonest type of radio used and listened to in homes, cars, or even in the garden giving a better sound quality with low chances of electrical interference.


Satellite radio is a more modern form of radio commercial that needs a monthly subscription for access. It is powered by satellites orbiting the earth hence allowing them to have worldwide coverage affecting the audio quality. This type of radio is encrypted and therefore needs a special kind of receiver to capture the radio waves. Before the monthly subscription is cleared, a computer chip hinders the receiver from gaining access to the satellite and you’re unable to access these channels.


How radio works

A radio operates by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves in the form of radio signals that move back and forth rapidly. A transmitter radiates this forcefield outward through an antenna. A receiver then picks up the field and converts it to sounds heard via the radio. In FM radios, the signal frequency is the one that changes. When tuning the radio, the number dictates the kilo or megahertz the signal is broadcast at.


What radios are used for?

Radio remains the most popular mass communication medium in Kampala with the vastest geographical stretch and the largest audience compared to newspapers, television, and even the internet. They don’t require data bundles or airtime for communication or usage, it is free of charge except for satellite channels which are also only accessed by those with connections to the satellite or internet. Radios are democratic electronic devices that can be used by both the rich and poor, educated and uneducated, young and old alike, all regions and all tribes, each gender and race, and so on. Radios are a source of information and academic development by broadcasting educational programs in several languages depending on the region ranging from nutrition information for mothers, medical information and updates for health workers or the public, how to prevent pandemics or viral infections, agriculture and farming techniques or school lessons for children. Radios broadcast both local and international news with authentic sources from trusted employees updating listeners on an hourly basis on current affairs and events in both English and other local languages. Radios help find the location of disaster victims through announcements made by the victim’s families and relatives. The same applies to businesses, radios increase sales by promoting businesses through advertisement. Radios can be accessed anytime and anywhere due to their portability, no need for a power supply source but this depends on the type you have. They are also of very low cost and more affordable than other types of electric devices plus they consume less power. Also, the general cost of producing radio broadcasts is quite low compared to television shows and other visual programs.


Radios build a community through meaningful community engagement and participation of the radio listeners by calling radio stations to say out their views to the presenter while the community members listen in. It has a wide coverage reaching areas other technology interventions don’t, where electricity is a myth, the network is a problem, and so on. Above literacy, it’s the most efficient mode of information delivery in hard-to-reach areas that consider having the correct knowledge means the difference between harvest and hunger, between confidence and humiliation, and life and death.


Satellite radios also have their advantages to the broadcaster in that they require low start-up, automation technology has made broadcasting easier, low running and operation costs, access to an international audience, easy to transition into podcasts, available on every device be it phones, hoofer speakers, television and so on, access to better audience insights, etc. But the downside of this is that there’s a struggle in getting listeners and they solely depend on the availability of the internet for accessibility.


Radio stations in Kampala city.

Kampala has the largest number of radio stations among all the districts in Uganda. The radio stations are also called after the radio frequency they broadcast. These are;

  • CBS Radio Buganda FM 88.8,
  • Radio Simba FM 97.3,
  • Radio Sapientia FM 94.4,
  • Radio One FM 90.0,
  • Akaboozi FM 87.9,
  • Capital FM 91.3,
  • Galaxy FM 100.2,
  • Sanyu FM 88.2,
  • Radio Maria Uganda 101.8,
  • KFM 93.3,
  • XFM 94.8,
  • Beat FM 96.3,
  • NXT Radio 106.1,
  • Radio City 97.0,
  • Open gate FM 103.2,
  • OP FM 92.1,
  • Kings Broadcasting Services 93.6,
  • Innerman FM 107.5,
  • Impact FM 98.5,
  • Dembe FM 90.4,
  • Voice of Africa Radio FM 92.3,
  • Star FM 87.5,
  • Hils FM 100.4,
  • Alpha FM 98.7,
  • Touch FM 95.9,
  • Power FM 104.1,
  • Suubi FM Radio 104.9,
  • I’AM Radio FM 104.3,
  • Kampala FM 87.7 and Joy FM 104.5.


While web radios in Kampala include;

  • The Burn radio,
  • AfroBeats FM,
  • Ugandan Radio,
  • HOT 100,
  • Freedom Lovezone radio,
  • Connect Uganda Radio,
  • Press Radio,
  • Yofochm radio Uganda,
  • Hii5 Radio,
  • E-Jazz Radio,
  • Freedom Experience Radio,
  • Radio Y’Abaganda,
  • Radio Xtrim FM,
  • Dada radio online,
  • Heavenly Tower Radio,
  • Ronage Radio,
  • Nalweyo Community Radio,
  • Samiane FM,
  • BUN radio,
  • SDN Radio,
  • Zafrika radio,
  • Homex Radio,
  • Victors radio,
  • Kyadondo Radio,
  • Fort Lions radio 1,
  • Divine radio,
  • Splash Radio,
  • SAVEK radio,
  • Classic Radio-Uganda,
  • Black Media Radio,
  • HUT Radio,
  • MCI Radio,
  • Cool Radio-Uganda, a and Radio Lead Africa.

93.3 KFM

., Monitor Publications Limited, Plot 29-35, 8th Street Industrial Area. 256 Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : What’s App Line: +256-772-722193,+256-312-933933, +256-751-933900, +256-791-933933,+256-701-933934
Web Address

95N9 Touch FM

Plot 115, Owen Road
Contact Phones : +256(312)264956,+256(312)264957
Web Address
Radio Stations in Uganda | 95N9 Touch FM
P,O.Box 10383 Kampala – Uganda, Namirembe Diocese
Contact Phones : 0752718902,0772409270
Web Address
Music for life

Busoga 96 FM

., Plot 58, Main Street, 714, Jinja, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 77-300 789,+256 434 121 921

Proudly the only 100% Lusoga fluent & transacting Media House in Uganda. Proudly The Kyabazinga’s Radio. Omwoyo Gwa Busoga!


Capital FM

., Plot 1A, Cooper Road, Kawmokya-Kisementi, P.O. Box 7638, Uganda, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 414 234 093, (+256)414 344556,(+256)414 348413 / (+256)312 345913.

Capital FM (sometimes called Capital Radio or 91.3 Capital FM) is an English radio channel broadcasting from Kampala, Uganda at 91.3 MHz and covers the whole of Uganda with some parts of Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Eastern Congo, and western Kenya. It covers the rest of the world through a streaming service on the station’s website.

Aside from the 91.3 MHz frequency which broadcasts from Kampala, the radio station also broadcasts on 90.9 MHz in Mbale, 96.9 MHz in Gulu, 89.4 MHz in Fort Portal and 88.7 MHz in Mbarara. This wide coverage makes Capital FM the most listened-to radio station in Uganda.


Central Broadcasting Service

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256258222
Web Address
radio station

Dembe FM

Plot 38, Kyadondo Road
Contact Phones : +256(312)260907,+256(414)340311
Radio Stations in Uganda | Dembe FM

Galaxy FM

Plot 249, Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : .,+256 213 265 892
Web Address

Impact FM

Ndeeba, Masaka Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)659683,n/a
Radio Stations in Uganda | Impact FM

Impactfm and Alpha FM

Victory Church, Ndeeva
Contact Phones : n/a,256414272114
radio station

Kampala FM 99.6

713, Bombo Road
Contact Phones : +256-758-996996,+256 414 577 235

Kingdom FM

Plot XXX, Kisenyi Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)516964,+256(414)251481
Radio Stations in Uganda | Kingdom FM

Mama FM

Plot 226, Kisaasi Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)469363,+256(414)595125
Radio Stations in Uganda | Mama FM

Mega FM

Independence House Plot 11/13, Olya Road P.O.Box 358 Gulu, Broadcast House Plot 17-19, Nile Avenue Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 772 704 447,+256 711 111 666
Web Address



Open Gate FM Mbale

Nkurumah road, Nkurumah
Contact Phones : +256 755 103 103, +256 781 222 555,+256 702 103 103,+256 312 262 852 (Whatsapp : +256 702 103 103)

Power FM

Watoto Church Bldg, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
Prime Broadcasting House, Kireka Hill
Contact Phones : 256712720860,256414287519
radio station

Radio Bilal

., Old Kampala, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
Contact Phones : +256 (0)782 383 294; +256 705 486268,+256 (0)701 352 125, +256 (0)703 941 661

Radio Bilal is a Muslim FM radio founded by Uganda Muslim Supreme. It is a regional radio station broadcasting on 94.1. It is clearly received in Kampala, Mukono, Jinja, Iganga, luweero, Wakiso, Mpigi, Palisa, Kalangala and other areas in Uganda.


Radio King

Plot 3716, Magala Rise-Off Kisaasi R
Contact Phones : +256 751 555 902,+256 712 931345
Web Address
Radio Stations in Uganda | Radio King

Radio King 90.2fm

3B Gulu, Elizabeth Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256471432201

Radio Kitara Masindi Broadcasting

9, DEwinton Rodad
Contact Phones : n/a,256414502017
radio station

Radio Maria

Plot XXX, Mutungo-Bbina Road
Contact Phones : +256(755)928833,+256(414)220535

Radio One FM 90

Plot XX, Duster Street
Contact Phones : +256(414)348211,+256(414)348311
Radio Stations in Uganda | Radio One FM 90

Radio Sapientia 94.4FM

Catholic Secretariat, Hanlon Road
Contact Phones : +256(712)543301,+256(414)501673
Radio Stations in Uganda | Radio Sapientia 94.4FM

Radio Simba

Plot 2 Corporation Rise, Bukoto-Kampala, Uganda.
Contact Phones : +256 711 543 672,+256 414 543 672
Web Address



Sanyu Fm 2000 Ltd

38, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414234230

Spirit Fm

P.O. BOX 10383 K`la Uganda, Namirembe Diocese,, Centenary house 3rd Floor
Contact Phones : +256 785 991 712,+256 +256 772 488 381
Web Address

Super FM

477, Rubaga Hill
Contact Phones : n/a,256414343672

Suubi FM

Plot 14020, Mengo, kampala, Plot 69 Mulira Road Block 4 Mengo Bakuli – Namirembe
Contact Phones : +256 772 412 951,+256 414 273 049



Voice of Teso

2/4, 3 Industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256312263055

Voice of Toro

Plot 2/4 Lugard Road, Fort Portal, P.O Box 399, Fort Portal, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 756 000 101,+256 392 857 749
Web Address

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