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Citrus Growing in Uganda
The citrus has its origin from China, India and South East Asia and they were first introduced in Uganda around 1900. The budded citrus (budlings) were imported into Uganda in 1929 from South Africa, Jamaica and Australia and citrus bud wood was later imported from Florida, USA and Israel-which bud wood.  The first citrus schemes included   Kiige, Odia and Ongom Citrus schemes.

Varieties of oranges
The varieties of citrus available in Uganda include:

  • Washington Navel,
  • Hamlin,
  • Valencia,
  • Tangelo,
  • King Star ruby and
  • Red blush.
  • Eureka, Lisbon Meyer, and Villafranca were among the lemons introduced. Tahiti lime and Mexican lime were the two lines introduced. Other introductions have include Nova, Minneola, Lamati and Kuno navel

Uses of Oranges
The uses of oranges include the following:

  • Oranges are primarily eaten fresh
  • Utilized in fruit cups, salads, gelatins and numerous other desserts and as garnishes on cakes, meats and poultry dishes.
  • They are also squeezed for juice.
  • Oranges can be processed into Juice, Concentrates, Marmalade and Jam. They have very high content of vitamin C.  
  • They are used in a number of food recipes and in confectionary
  • Grated peel is much used as flavouring  
  • Pectin for use in fruit preserves and otherwise, is derived from the white inner layer of the peel.
  • Finisher pulp dried to a moisture content of less than 10% can be used as an emulsifier and binder in the food and beverage industries.
  • Citrus have a lot of health values if eaten regularly

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