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Night Clubs in Kampala

Night Clubs AND BARS IN KAMPALA CITY UGANDAIn modern culture, clubbing takes up an integral part; an irreplaceable aspect of the entertainment industry. A nightclub is an entertainment venue open from evening hours till early in the morning, having facilities such as a bar, disco, or other entertaining features to cause enjoyment. A bar is a counter across which drinks or refreshments like water, soda, alcoholic drinks; whiskey, vodka, brandy, etc. are served. Kampala‘s nightlife more so in Kabalagala “nightclub” district is known all over Africa. This district attracts people from different parts of Africa i.e., Rwandans, Kenyans, South Sudanese, and tourists who flock to the area for a joyous and memorable night downtown in Kampala. The nightclubs in this area and Kampala at large, unlike in the west region of the country which closes at 2 am, stay the operational trans night and even beyond, hence attributing to the new name of the city, “Kampala, the city that never sleeps.” The music is extra-loudly by skilled deejays with few having live bands playing the music. Thought of late silent discos arises coming more popular where customers are given headsets connected to the clubs’ music system eliminating noise pollution for the neighbours of the clubs.

Kampala city is renowned for its nightlife throughout East Africa, ranging from laid-back bars to super clubs. Each club has a unique history and atmosphere and provides a variety of local snacks such as samosas, kebabs, and choma sausages prepared by local vendors stationed outside the clubs or in an open space to prevent inconveniences. The main thing while hitting bars and nightclubs is safety and security.

What nightclubs does Kampala offer?

These can be referred to as attributes of a nightclub which include; Music, dance floor arrangement, alcohol sales, comedy shows, daring performances and acts, karaoke nights, small-scale concerts, smoke clouds, discotheque light show, superb customer service, VIP reservations, guest list management in case of huge events, safety checks and security. Almost every nightclub or bar of any size in Kampala has security stationed at the door. This special security personnel are charged with maintaining order in the clubs and are referred to as bouncers.

Examples of nightclubs in Kampala city.

Illusion, guvnor, club ambience, Casablanca, club amnesia, Nyondo club, vision Congo nightclub and bar, Le Beaujolais, Wave lounge, SM Sounds International, Rouge lounge, The Climax club, New Era club, Timelezz Night club, Bar Disco club, Rio Club, Light in club, Bantezi bar & club, club obligato, Club Emrah, Club Beruga Makindye, Vanessa club, Club Vibrations, E Zone Kasubi, PTC 24/7 Club, Mask lounge, Blue Mountain club, Panamera bar & restaurant, Arista Sounds, Kay club, Bull Dog club, sky lounge, Super Sound Disco, Luxe Club & Lounge, Club Icon, Victoria club, Club Liquid, Club Silk, Famous lounge, EXO lounge, Hyper lounge, Buddies Ntinda, Bling, Mbuya, Artioli Bar & Lounge, Beverly hills bar and lounge, Game club Wandegeya, Gravity sports bar & night club, Kabody bar, F.A.M.E Lounge and Restaurant, Catwalk lounge, Cayenne restaurant and lounge, Soho Kampala, Hive nightclub, Isabella lounge, Paradise club, the list goes on…

The psychology behind why people go to nightclubs.

Many reasons exist behind the appeal of nightclubs dating way back in time;

  1. Dance culture

Most people enjoy dancing and dance has been furthermore incorporated as a broad attribute to the advancement of the entertainment industry and socialism. Hypotheses state that dance is a way of birthing chemistry between two people to establish if a mutual connection exists between the two parties. Therefore, nightclubs create a suitable environment for people from different social stature to gather making it an essential location.

  1. Find a partner.

Similar to the point above, it has been concluded that going to nightclubs by people is a type of lekking behaviour. The term lek refers to a physical space where males of a given species congregate or come together intending to impress females.

According to a study conducted by Hendrie et at., in 2009, it was deduced that more than 50% of the males’ attention was taken by females who showed rigorous sexual signalling, and the number of couples entering the clubs was far less than those leaving them over the study period.

  1. Self-expression

People when going for a night out make sure to take this opportunity to look their best as an individual or click especially those attending events where appearance matters. Expression of character and personality is sometimes done through one’s dress code; though in nightclubs people are not judged publicly by their sense of style or personality, hence why people find it easier to wear things of their interest to these places.

  1. Reality escape

Most people go to nightclubs as it provides an escape from the everyday challenges they face in their life, or at their workplaces. Night clubs tend to usually form temporary communities where people star in their fantasies, pretend to be someone they are not, and temporarily escape reality.

  1. Life enjoyment

Generally, nightclubs are known as a place for enjoyment and fun separate from the normal lives people lead. Celebrating life and partying with peers and colleagues makes these places a powerful force of enjoyment leading to feelings of contentment and peace of mind as a result of social bonding that happens naturally in their environment.

Other reasons why youth hit nightclubs are; to laugh out loud, discard inhibition, listen to loud music, socialize, take alcohol, mind stimulation, bond with friends, etc.

The fate of nightclubs and bars

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, nightclubs and bars have been closed per the presidential directive issues to control the pandemic. The police of Kampala continuously raid bars and nightclubs going against this directive. Since then, people in the entertainment industry have come up with online or television dance parties or forces. This works in such a way that a deejay is brought to play music he/she would be playing in the club, a stage is set up with disco lights, dancers and local artists are brought to perform and the whole event is overseen by an mc (master of ceremony); all this happens on television or online to observe the standard operating systems (SOPs) put in place by the ministry of health of Uganda.

Night Clubs

  • Panamera, Bar & Restaurant
    Night club
    Plot 20 Opposite Kampala Parents School, 30 Naguru Dr
  • PTC 24/7 Club
    Night club
  • Illusion
    Night club
  • Club Ambiance Kampala
    Night club
    Plot 11211 Hoima Rd
  • Gravity Sports Bar and Night Club
    Sports bar
  • Vision Congo Night Club and Bar
    Night club
    Muyenga Road
  • Bar Disco Club
    Night club
    Gayaza -Kampala Rd
  • The High Table
    Disco club
    In Kalungi Commercial Plaza
  • Rouge Lounge
    Disco club
    E-M Plaza, Plot 2-2B, Kampala Road · In Kampala Plaza
  • Wave LOUNGE
    Night club
    Windsor Cres
  • Bar and Night Club
  • Guvnor
    Disco club
    Plot 77 First St
    COpens 9 PM Fri
  • La’tour lounge bar & restaurant
    Disco club
  • Kay Club
    Night club
    Access Road
    Rwenzori Commodities, Old Port Bell Rd
    Night club
    Nabweru Rd
  • Deuces Bar
  • papa night club
    8H2W+2F3, Road
  • Club Amnesia
    Night club
  • Circuit lounge
    Lugogo By-Pass

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