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Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is located in Lake Victoria, Uganda and its area is only 100 acres of which 98 acres are occupied by rain forested. The island is 23 km from Entebbe and is near the equator . It is part of the Kome archipelago group of about 15 islands and is separated from the northern shore of Lake Victoria by the 10km wide Damba channel.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary
A non- profit making Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust ( CSWCT)  was established in 1997 in partnership with the following  six organizations which are committed to the welfare and conservation of wildlife:

  • Born Free Foundation
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Jane Goodall Institute
  • Uganda Wildlife Education Centre
  • Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST)
  • Uganda Wildlife Society
  • Zoological Board of New South Wales ( Australia)

The sanctuary is open to visitors all the year round.
The sanctuary provides orphaned chimpanzees with a secure home to live out their lives where a return to their natural habitat is not possible. The project is also used to educate visitors and local communities about the remarkable species of chimpanzees and the importance of conserving their forest habitat. The island is a home of over 40 orphaned chimpanzees.

Eco-friendly environment
The island is set up as an eco-friendly project with compost toilets, rainwater collection, proper waste management practices and solar energy for electricity and hot water .This is done to ensure the Island remain as natural as possible.

The island can be accessed by boat from Entebbe Uganda.

Flora and fauna
Apart from chimpanzees, the island is a home of over 50 plant species known to produce natural foods for chimpanzees. There is plenty of bird life.

Attractions on the Island
The attractions on the island include the following:

  • Viewing the feeding of the chimpanzees
  • Forest walk
  • Swimming on the equator
  • Visiting neighbouring fishing village,
  • bird watching and  other wildlife encounters
  • Sunbathing and relax.

A Tourist can engage in any of the following activities whle on Ngamba Island:

  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Bird seeing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Camping

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