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Moroto Town



Moroto Town is located 420 kilometres northeast of Kampala City and it is the biggest town in Moroto District. It is a town containing mainly small to medium shops and is located near Mount Moroto (10,007 metres). The town is surrounded by households of cattle keepers and gardens of food crops such as corn (maize), cassava (manioc).


In 2012 the population of Moroto Town was estimated by UBOS at 12,300.

Tourism attraction

The following are the key attractions in Moroto Town;

  • Pian-Upe, Bokora and Matheniko Wildlife Reserves which are located 1 kilometre from Moroto Town. The areas of the Reserves are habitat to significant numbers of game species like; buffalos, hynas, Dik-Dik, the Greater and Lesser KudusThe Reserves are traditionally popular for game drives.
  •  Mount Moroto which is found 5 kilometres close to Moroto Town and the mountain offers  opportunity for hill hiking to the less experienced visitor
  • Community/Cultural tourism that is the culture and way of life of the Karamajong, including the design of their homesteads (Manyatas) are an important attraction for visitors to the region.
  • Crafts and Souvenirs Industry like the Karamajong stools and sticks that are commonly on sale in Moroto Town.

Moroto Town is located in the land occupied by the mainly  nomadic Karamoja who move from place to place looking for pasture and water for their cattle.  Karamoja areas are mainly dry with rainfall not exceeding 800 millimeters per year.

The Karimojong have a rich traditional way of life and have been quite reluctant to change it’ many have remained resistant to change no matter the force trying to change them, after all in a desert-like land, the Karimojong have survived for centuries, and sometimes survival is all that matters.


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