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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The key role of the Ministry of Foreign affairs is the implementation of Uganda’s Foreign Policy, which is an aggregation of the domestic Policies. Foreign policy is simply the extension of a Country’s domestic Policy.

Functions of the Ministry

  • Managing the Foreign Policy of Uganda.
  • Providing overall advice on Foreign Policy formulation and guidance on its implementation.
  • Providing overall coordination and harmonization of Foreign policy positions with other government entities and stakeholders.
  • Fostering a conducive environment for Trade, Tourism, Technology transfer and Investment.
  • Collecting and disseminating information relating to Trade, investment and tourism opportunities
  • Coordinating national efforts in the promotion of regional cooperation and integration.
  • Contributing to the quest for regional and international peace and security in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Promoting the culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts through multilateral organizations.
  • Protecting the welfare and interests of Ugandans abroad.
  • Facilitating a conducive environment for operations of foreign diplomatic missions and International Organizations accredited to Uganda.
  • Conducting State Protocol and Ceremonial orders.
  • Mobilizing external resources and securing employment opportunities abroad.
  • Providing Consular services at home and at our missions abroad

Institutions/agencies under the ministry
Uganda’s foreign missions

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