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Means of Road Transport

Available means of transport 

Taxis matatus
These are 14-seater minibuses which are readily available all over the country. They are quite known for overloading and not observing traffic rules.

Special Hire vehicles:
Special hire are privately owned vehicles which you can be hire to take you to specific destinations and they are mainly found in urban areas. There are both branded and none-branded special hire vehicles which are readily available at strategic locations in public places.

Boda  Boda cycles:
These can be either bicycles or motorbikes and are common means of transport all over the country. They can reach places where vehicles cannot go because of bad roads. They are commonly known for reckless riding and not observing safety rules of wearing helmets and carrying one passenger.

Public buses:
There are both domestic and regional buses  routes. The regional buses provide means of transport to neighboring countries. The domestic buses transport people to most urban areas of Uganda.

Pick-up trucks:
These mainly transport goods like charcoal, sand, stones, firewood, bananas, fruits and vegetables among other things. They are also means of transport for people in rural areas  of Uganda where formal public transport is not readily available.

Container trucks and Lorries:
These lorries or trucks  that transport goods within the country and beyond the national borders. The type of lorry to hire depends on tonnage of goods to be transported and the place of destination.

Animal-drawn vehicles:
Two-wheeled carts drawn by oxen or donkeys are used commonly for farm produce transport in some  rural areas. They are also used to ferry water.

Pedestrians pushing wheelbarrows loaded with goods or carrying goods on their heads can be used in areas where other means of transport can work.

Uganda Post Bus:
The Post Buses which distribute letters and parcels to various post offices across the country also transport people. They park at the main post office on  Kampala Road  and most of them leave for upcountry destinations at 8am every day.

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