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Local Tourism in Uganda

The Ugandans have in the past shown little interest in utilizing the tourism attractions located across the country and the lack of interest in utilizing the tourism facilities is due to a number of reasons including the following;

  • Lack of awareness of the existence of the facilities
  • Low income levels
  • The facilities are quite expensive for the local people.
  • The perception that the facilities are meant for foreigners
  • They do not value the tourist attractions

It is important to note that of recent a number of Ugandans from  urban areas have started showing a lot of interest in the country’s tourist attractions especially those located within or nearby the major urban areas.

Importance of local tourism

  • Tourism contributes significantly to Uganda’s gross domestic product as it is a major source of foreign currency.
  • Provides significant investment opportunities
  • It enhances the appreciation of co-existence of man and wildlife
  • The local people have to appreciate the tourism potential if they have to market it.
  • Provides employment opportunities for the local people hence improved standard of living
  • The facilities like hotels/lodges, bars and restaurants are a source of government revenue through taxes

Promoting local tourism in Uganda

  • The Ministry Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities has of recent re-positioned itself to promote the country as the best tourist destination in Africa.
  • The government is investing a lot in improving the road infrastructure leading to tourist attractions to make them easily accessible to visitors
  • The government has created conducive environment for putting up a number of hotels and lodges in tourist places.
  • The Ministry Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities plans to establish Uganda Tourism Clubs in schools to instill a sense of love towards wildlife tourism and heritage among the young generation
  • Promotion of eco-tourism projects to enhance the appreciation of the improtance of wildlife.

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