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Land Ownership

The following are the different types of land ownership in Uganda:

Customary Land
The land is communally owned by a particular group of people in a particular area. Its utilization is usually controlled by elders, clan heads or a group in its own well-defined administrative structures. This land tenure is usually in the North, Eastern, North east, North West and some parts of Western Uganda

Freehold Land
It’s a system of owning land in perpetuity and was set up by an agreement between the Kingdoms and the British Government. Grants of land in freehold were made by the Crown and later by the Uganda Land Commission. The grantee of land in freehold was and is entitled to a certificate of title.

Mailo Land
Land held under mailo tenure system is mainly in Buganda (Central region) and some parts of Western Uganda. The system confers freehold granted by the colonial government in exchange for political co-operation under the 1900 Buganda Agreement and guided by the provisions of the 1998 Land Act.

Leasehold Land
This is a system of owning land for a particular period of time. In Uganda one can get a lease from an individual, local authority or government for a period usually 49 or 99 years with agreed terms and conditions.

Public Land
Under this type of land tenure, the government owns land and has the right to lease it to any company or individual on specific terms and covenants.

Foreigners access to land in Uganda
Foreign investors are able to own land in Uganda and can receive long-term leases for a maximum of up to 99 years.

Crops Zone areas
The following is the latest available information on crop zoning:

North-eastern Dry lands; maize, Sorghum,

North-eastern Savannah Grasslands; cassava field pea, simsim

North-western Savannah Grasslands; banana, cassava, simsim, sweet potatoes, and tobacco.

Para-savannahs; maize, sweet potatoes.

Kyoga Plains; Sweet potato, banana, cassava, maize, rice.

Western Savannah Grasslands; cocoa, maize, passion fruit, sweet potatoes.

Lake Victoria Crescent; Banana, cassava, finger millet, rice, sweet potatoes.

Pastoral Rangelands; Diary, banana, finger millet, maize, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes.

South-western Farmlands; banana, coffee, ground nuts, Irish, maize, rice, diary

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