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Kibiro Hot Springs

Kibiro Hot Springs and Salt Gardens are found 35km North of Hoima Town in Kibiro fishing village, Kigorobya Sub-county near the shores of Lake Albert. A high escarpment is about 100 meters east of the springs and Lake Albert is less than a kilometre away west of the springs.

Temperature of water
The water from the spring is continuously boiling at 100 degrees as evidenced by the water bubbles. Fresh eggs, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, cassava or bananas can boil in the hot spring within a short time. The subterranean hot salty water from the springs forms a water stream which meanders until it pours in Lake Albert.

Aquatic animals
Aquatic animals often mistake the water from the springs to be as cold as the rest of the waters around Lake Albert. They end up dying in the boiling pot.

Salt Processing
The salty water from the springs is used for traditional processing of salt. The water flows over the area’s salty soil, keeping it moist. The local people sprinkle dry earth over the moist soil to draws the salt up from the moist earth. The soil is then collected and placed in a sieve that is placed over a large pot. Water is poured over the soil carries with it the salt through the sieve into the pot. This solution is then boiled to produce salt.

Myths surrounding the hot springs.

  • The water has supernatural powers that drive away bad spirits and demons from people.
  • The bathing and purification involves one bathing in the water naked.
  • The bathing has to be done before it gets seven in the evening.
  • This water is traditionally believed to heal measles, scabies, skin rush, fresh wounds and boils.
  • At night the owners of the spring come and take over and it is believed you become mad if they come across you.

The water from springs has been found to contain varying amounts of minerals and chemicals which are known to have medicinal values in them. The minerals and chemicals include sodium chloride, potassium chloride, lithium sulphate, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate and magnesium chloride among others.

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