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Kashoya -Kitomi Forest Reserve

Kasyoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve is located in Western Uganda, South of Lake George and Kazinga channel in the Albertine Rift eco-region and is about 35 kilometers from Bushenyi District headquarters and it covers an area of 433 square kilometers. It is managed by Ndekye Women’s Development Association as an Eco Tourism reserve.  The reserve is adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Date gazetted
The place was designated as a forest reserve in 1932 covering Kasyoha (77 square kilometres) and Kitomi (90 square kilometres) at the time and regazzeted later as Kasyoha Kitomi Forest Reserve in 1948. The Lubare ridge in the South and Kakasi in the North, were added to the Reserve in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

The vegetation has been described as medium altitude moist-evergreen forest with grasslands


  • Crater lakes namely Lakes  Kamunzuku, Kamweru and Kyema
  • Lake George and Kazinga Channel
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Mammals like Antelopes, Bush Pigs and Duikers which is as a result of its being adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Birds, Butterflies, Reptiles, Moths, Water Falls and Gorges

It is a home of chimpanzees, Baboons, red tailed monkeys, black & white Columbus monkeys, velvet monkeys. Blue monkeys, antelopes, bush pigs, duikers. Other wildlife attractions in the reserve include Birds, Butterflies, Reptiles, Moths, Water Falls and Gorges

Camping Site
There is a camping site at Magambo three hours walk to Lake Lamuzungu.


  • Home of different bird species with over 308 species
  • It is a water catchment area for Lake George which has many species of fish.
  • For bird watching and sightseeing.

Location:  Bushenyi District

Central coordinates: 30o 14.23′ East 0o 15.94′ South

Area: 433square kilometres.

Altitude: 975 – 2,136 meters

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