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Kampala Industrial and Business Park

Kampala Industrial and Business Park (KIBP) with an area of 894 acres of land is located in Wakiso District on Kampala-Jinja Highway. It is 15 km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. This park is conveniently situated along Kampala-Jinja Highway which is part of East Africa’s northern transport corridor linking Uganda with Kenya, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Land Acquisition
Since 2006 a total of 212 companies have applied for Land in KIBP and over 200 companies with a combined planned investment of about US $ 2 billion have acquired land and space on concessionary terms to establish their businesses.

Businesses Located in the Park
The businesses located in KIBP include the following;
• Namanve Power Station – 50MW Thermal power plant owned and operated by Jacobsen Electro of Norway
• Roofings Limited – With Headquarters in Lweeza, Roofings has a new plant at Namanve, employing in excess of 2,000 people.

Goal of the Park
When complete KIBP will provide a fully-integrated environment for manufacturing and services activities with the following facilities:
• A well planned and regulated industrial and business environment providing minimum standards to be met by each operator in the Park.
• Developed and well planned transport infrastructure that is; road, rail and water way providing access to markets and sources for inputs.
• In land port complete with terminal handling, ordinary and refrigerated storage/warehousing.
• Export processing zones dedicated to service export oriented industries in an effort to develop Uganda as a regional distribution hub.
• Dedicated efficient utility services including;
1. A high speed telecommunication data network.
2. Reliable electricity with a dedicated substation and 50MW backup thermal power. supply and Water supply with a 30 day reservoir.
3. Incubator units to support entry of local entrepreneurs into the manufacturing sector.
4. Office accommodation to house enterprises servicing the KIBP.
5. Residential, labour and hotel accommodation.
6. Institutes to support research and training of technical staff for KIBP industries.

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