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Kabale Town


Kabale Town is located Kabale District and is 10Km from Katuna the border with Rwanda. It is about 420 Km from Kampala City.

In 2011, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the mid-year population of Kabale Town at 44,600.

Key attractions
The key attractions in Kabale include the following:

  •  Lake Bunyonyi which is located 8 kms from Kabale Town.
  •  Ihimba Hot Springs situated 8Km on Kabale-Katuna Road.
  • Rwesaza and Ngoha hills: Historical hiding places of the Banyoro from the Baganda during tribal wars.
  • Caves and Scenic Rocks, include Nyarujansi hill, Mirambi hill, Maingira, Kafufu, Mutengesa, Nabihura, Ngoma hill, Butale hill, Nyabisekembe hill, Nyakaro hill and Nyasononwa. Others are: Balibonensaro, Rukindo hill, Kahindoba, Bukaranga, Musima hill, Kamuroza, Kyema hill.
  • Wildlife Viewing in various forests which have Colobus Monkeys;  Chimpazees and  Baboons
  • Waterfalls
  • The Drum, found at Bukumi in Nkondo Sub-County which are believed to be the largest drum in East Africa. The drum belongs to Bukumi Christian Parish.
  • The Virunga Mountains which lie along the Rwanda-Dem Rep of Congo border are visible from the Kabale Town.

Kabale Airstrip
Kabale Airport lies approximately 311 km from Entebbe International Airport and is located   about 5 km from Kabale Town.

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