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Investment opportunities in the livestock sector

The following are the investment opportunities in the livestock sector:

  • There are limited numbers of big Livestock feed production and processing facilities in the country.
  • Feedlot establishment and management
  • Good pasture development
  • Developing local pasture seeds instead of relying on imported seeds
  • Quality meat production and processing
  • Abbattoir management
  • Milk production and processing
  • Animal skin processing
  • Organic manure processing for local consumption
  • Vaccine development, research and production
  • Local human capacity development
  • Construction of modern abattoirs to enable meat production and processing;
  • Production of animal drugs for the treatment of animal diseases such as Trypanosomaisis, Newcastle, East Coast Fever, Foot and Mouth disease, Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia, Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia and lumpy skin disease;
  • Vaccine production units;
  • Laboratories for disease surveillance and diagnosis;
  • Forage seed production and processing;
  • Animal feeds processing and distribution;
  • Commercial breeding and production of semen for the local and export market;
  • Game ranching and farming particularly ostrich and crocodile farming;
  • Tanning of hides and skins;
  • Extensive ranching;
  • Export of live animals, meat and meat products.
  • Dairy milk processing plants for dairy products such as butter, ice cream, yogurt and traditional ghee.Specific Opportunities in the Beef Industry
  • Establishment of feedlots close to industries producing agricultural byproducts and crop residues in Busoga and Masaka;
  • Beef Ranching;
  • Conservation of feed (Hay and Silage) for sale;
  • Nucleus breeding farms for beef breeds;
  • Processing of traditional beef products such as smoked, salted and sun dried meats;
  • Modern abattoirs.
  • Nucleus breeding for local goats such as Mubende and improved exotic breeds such as the Boer goats.Specific Opportunities in the Poultry Industry
  • Feed manufacturing;
  • Hatchery units in targeted zones to produce day old chicks for sale;
  • Commercial eggs and table bird production to supply the local and regional markets particularly southern Sudan;
  • Poultry processing plants to produce chicken carcasses for human consumption.

Specific Opportunities (Pigs)

  • Nucleus pig breeding and pig multiplication centers – the growing foreign community in Uganda has increased the demand for pork and bacon

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