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Why invest in Uganda?

Uganda as an investment destination has the following to offer to its investors:

Predictable Environment
Uganda has achieved macro-economic stability as demonstrated by the following are key indicators:
1. Stable annual economic growth averaging 7% per annum since the year 2007, making Uganda one of the fastest growing economies Africa.
2. Maintained a competitive real exchange rate that support export growth.

Fully Liberalized Economy.
Keys facts include:
1. All sectors liberalized for investment and marketing.
2. There is free inflow and outflow of capital
3. Uganda is ranked the 8th freest economy in Africa by the 2012 index of Economic freedom.

The facts about the market include:
1. Uganda is located at the heart of Sub-Sahara Africa which gives it a commanding base for regional trade and investment.
2. Uganda is a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa States (COMESA), a region with a market of about 390 million people in 20 countries.
3. Uganda is a member of East African Community (EAC0 comprising of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda AND Tanzania with a population of over 133.1 million people.
4. Duty and quota free access into the US (AGOA) Generalized system of Preferences (GSP) scheme and EU (EBA) markets.

Strong Natural Resource Base
Uganda is gifted by nature as demonstrated by:
1. Abundant rainfall evenly spread in two seasons, rich loamy soils and favorable temperature which enhance the productivity of the land to support the cultivation of both and cash crops organically.
2. Uganda has over 50 different types of unexploited mineral resources and the confirmed resources include Phosphate, Gold, Zinc, Wolfram, Petroleum, Diamond, Vermiculite and Silica.
3. Vast tourist attractions including lush green tropical forests inhabited by a wide variety of birds and fauna.

Government Commitment to Private Sector
The government is committed to private sector led economy as demonstrated by the following:
1. Government and private sector dialogue in policy formulation
2. Continuous improvement in provision of infrastructure and other social services.

Trainable Labour
1. Uganda presently produces over 20,000 University graduates per year.
2. Quality of labour is one of the biggest attractions.

Security of Investment
The indicators of security in Uganda include:
1. Guaranteed under the Constitution and the Investment Code Act Cap 92 Laws of Uganda 2000 edition.
2. Uganda is a signatory to major international investment related institutions such as:
• Multi lateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).
• Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) of USA.
• Convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral award (CREFAA).
• Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC).


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