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Hoima Town



Hoima Town is located in Hoima District in Western Uganda about 225 Km from Kampala City. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara and the King’s palace is less than 2Km from the town centre.

In 2011, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population of Hoima at approximately 42,600.

Key Attractions
The attractions around Hoima Town include the following among others:

Oil Wells
The oil wells are located around Lake Albert about 25 Km from Hoima Town. The Oil deposits are estimated to be in excess of 2.5 billion barrels and the area has the potential for discoveries of more oil deposits . The proposed oil refinery will be built in Hoima District.

Bunyoro Kingdom
Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom with a rich history has its headquarters in Hoima Town and covers the districts of Hoima, Masindi and Kibale.

Nyamyarro museum

The museum is found at the Karuzika (palace) of Bunyoro Kingdom, inside the palace is Bunyoro Regalia museum called Nyamyarro. This is where one can see the 1000 year old traditional throne which has 9 legs, ivory tusks, ceremonial spears, ancient arrows, various types of traditional crowns and musical instruments among other artifacts. The floor is covered with lion and leopard skins and bark cloth.

Mparo Tombs

This is the historical burial ground for the kings of Bunyoro Kingdom located 2km from town on the Hoima-Masindi road.Notable among those who were laid to rest include Omukama (King) Chwa II Kabalega who resisted colonial rule in Uganda.

Omukama Andereya Bisereko Duhaga II’s residence

This is situated at Kinogozi in Buhimba sub-county in Hoima, this was one of first modern houses to be constructed in the early 20th Century in Bunyoro.


This is situated 35km North of Hoima Town and iswhere salt is exracted traditionally using local tools and methods

Tonya Kabwokya Wildlife Reserve

This is located 70 km from Hoima town and is one of Uganda’s protected areas bordering Lake Albert and the escarpment of the Albertine Rift Valley, it covers much of Kabwoya and Nkonda sub-counties.

The wildlife reserve is a home to various primates, anteleopes and bird species.

Martyrs’ well

In Kibaale there is the Martyrs’ well at Kooki-Haibale which is said to be the site where St Andrea Kaahwa (commonly known as Andrew Kaggwa) one of the Uganda martyrs was born.

There are also footprints of Andrea Kaahwa and other unique features, Christians throng his area every May 26 to pray for Kaahwa and take the water to heal illnesses and give them blessings.

Kigwara Cultural Site

This site is located in Kibaale believed to be the home of Bunyoro cultural music and Munsa Fort an archaeological site for Uganda’s history dating back to between 10th and 17th century. Munsa is on a hill and features trenches, caves and underground containers carved out of stone.


This houses the tombs of Duhaga one of the early Kings of Bunyoro.

Igayaza Chwezi historic site

This is a place with the footprints of Ndahura the first Cwezi King and that of his dog.

Masaka historic site

This site is located in Kibaale in Nalweyo in Bugangaizi county which contains the tomb of Omukama Yosiya Kitahimbwa and there is also Muka Baro

Nyante River

This is located in Kikwaya in Kibaale believed to be the point where all of Omukama Kabalega’s cattle perished.

Other attractions include

  •  Katasiha Fort – Situated 2 km from Hoima Town on Hoima- Biso – Butiaba Road.
  • Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve located 70 km from Hoima Town. This is near Lake Albert and the escarpment of the Albertine Rift Valley.
  • Butiaba – It is in Lake Albert where the wreck of Lake steamer SS Coryndon which sunk in the floods of 1962 is located.
  •  Kibiro traditional salt works and Hot springs are located by the shores of Lake Albert
  • The Royal Mile Walk – In Budongo Forest.
  • The Murchison Falls National Park


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