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Health Sector

Mengo Hospital is the oldest hospital in Uganda. It was established by Sir Albert Cook in 1897. At the beginning, the hospital belonged to the Church Missionary Society. In 1958 the hospital was handed over by the Church Missionary Society to an independent and autonomous Board of Governors and Registered Trustees. Ernest Cook, the nephew of Albert Cook, who brought the first X-Ray machine to East Africa in 1907 and installed it at Mengo Hospital. Mulago was founded in 1917 by Albert Ruskin Cook

The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Act:
The law came into existence after the Act 11 of 1996 was enacted. It is the governing law for all medical practitioners in Uganda

The Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Council (UMDPC):
This is the body under which doctor’s dentists and surgeons fall and it is mandated to protect the society through the regulation of medical and dental training. UMDPC is mandated to foster good medical practices, to keep the registers of the qualified Medical officers and Dental Surgeons in the country and to promote high standard of medical education by ensuring that what is taught in Medicine and Dentistry is acceptable internationally. And also to protect the public from malpractices of the medical professionals

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