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Gulu University

Gulu University

Gulu University was opened by the Government of Uganda in October 2002, following its statutory establishment as a corporate entity under Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 and the Universities and Other Tertiary institutions’ (Establishment of Kyambogo University) instruments of 2003. The university is located in Laroo division in Gulu municipality about 4km northeast of Gulu town.

From the onset, the main aim of the University has been to provide high-level appropriate education, research and to stimulate economic activities in the war-ravaged region of Northern Uganda. In the long run, this is expected to contribute towards the promotion and enhancement of holistic socio-economic and human development.

The University has now 5 faculties and 2 institutes. With these rapid institutional and infrastructural developments, the University is invaluably located to contribute to equitable development by stimulating innovations in education as well as technical and economic empowerment in the region. The university has continued to achieve this by, among other things, promoting applied research, capacity building, leadership development, and institution building. The student numbers have grown over the years, and the university now has an enrolment of 3,749 students under the following faculties and institutes;

  • Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Faculty of Business and Development Studies
  • Faculty of Education and Humanities
  • Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Science
  • Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies
  • Institute of Research and Graduate Studies

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