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Government Revenue in Uganda

In Uganda, there are two major categories of government revenue that namely tax revenue and non- tax revenue. The high level summary of each is as follows;

Tax revenue
The Government has the following sources of revenue;

  • taxes on income,
  • taxes profits and capital gains,

Non-tax revenue
This is revenue obtained by the government from other sources other than tax and they include;

  • Fees
  • Fines or Penalties
  • Surplus from Public Enterprises
  • Grants and Gifts
  • Special assessment of betterment levy. This is a kind of special charge levied on certain members of the community who are beneficiaries of certain government activities or public projects. For instance due to a public park in a locality or due to the construction of a road.

Challenges in revenue collection

  • Inadequate capacity and technical skills
  • Lack of Transparency in the usage of taxes
  • Inadequate record keeping by the authorities.
  •  The weak tax-benefit linkages.
  • Poverty among the taxpayers.
  • Deliberate budget proposals aimed at politicking.
  • The alleged Corruption
  • Tax payer’s compliance
  • Businesses are largely informal
  • Ignorance about rights and obligations.
  • Low tax base due to low economic activities.
  • Exemptions granted to tax payers.
  • Lack of accountability in public utilities and goods.
  • FDI promotion and opting for tax incentives.


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