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Gas Reserves

Gas reserves
Uganda has 12 billion standard cubic feet (339 million cubic meters) of natural gas reserves in its Albertine  Graben region
Impact of Oil on the Environment and other sectors

Over 50% of birds, 39% of mammals, 19% of amphibians, and 14% of reptiles and plants found in mainland Africa have their home in the  Rift Valley. The process of oil exploration in this area if not done under proper control could causes harm to the wildlife. The exploration process could  displace the wildlife heritage.Uganda as a country stands to improve its economy using oil and gas revenue although, the country’s tourism and environment sectors could pay an expensive price

Trade in Oil
It is an established sector practice that crude oil is exported unprocessed and processing is done as near as possible to the consumers. This is mainly so because it is easier and safer to transport crude oil as opposed to processed products,

Uganda’s proposed approach of processing crude oil next to the drilling areas appears to go against the general sector practice.

Government’s plan for revenue sharing
Part of the royalty from the sale will go to central government and part to local government, the details of which will be covered in the Revenue sharing legislation which is currently being drafted by Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development.

Revenue accruing from the country’s petroleum resources will be used for the provision of services and development of infrastructure which will benefit current and future generations of Ugandans.

Agreements between government and the oil companies
Access to information on oil is limited in order to safeguard the interests of Government and the companies.  Documents such as PSAs are kept confidential to avoid malicious intentions of certain groups that may use the information for their own gain against the country’s interests.  The PSAs Government signed have all been tabled before Parliament.

The PSAs have sensitive financial information that may harm a companies’ financial status and thus need to be handled in a responsible manner.  PSAs all over the world are confidential in order to maintain competitiveness.

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