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Fruits and Vegetables Sector Profile

Uganda is suitable and has unexploited potential to produce mangoes, citrus, pineapples, tomatoes among others. The fertile soils and conducive climate guarantee fruit and vegetation production for the greater part of the year. Most of the fruits are grown by the households on a small scale and there is limited commercial fruit production.

Current activities in fruit and vegetable sector

  • Current fruit production in the hands of  smallholders  farmers
  • Improved seedlings of mangoes and oranges have been bought by many farmers.

Current capabilities and markets

The Current demand for fruits and vegetables is moderate but increasing. There is high demand for organic fruits and vegetables are in Europe. There are over 15 companies exporting fresh fruits and vegetables largely to the EU and to COMESA region though still on a small scale.

Competitive strength

  • Uganda’s competitiveness rests with  fertile soils and plentiful of rainfall
  • There irrigation opportunities in the country
  • Uganda’s climate is summer all year round with moderate temperatures thought the year
  • The soils have low levels of contamination due to prolonged periods of minimal use of chemical fertilizers
  • Uganda’s harvesting periods coincides with the northern hemisphere winter a period of peak demand for fresh fruits and Vegetable in Europe.

Investment opportunities

  • Fruit tomate paste processing
  • Fruit farming
  • Pineapple farming
  • Mangoes farming
  • Citrus fruit farming
  • Dried fruits processing
  • Minimal processing of fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit pulp processing

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