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Foods of Uganda

The following are the main foods in Uganda;

There are over 20 varieties of bananas in Uganda.  Matooke is the type that is picked green and must be cooked.  It is usually steamed in its own leaves and must be eaten hot as it hardens quickly when cooled. 

Posho is made up of finely ground white corn flour mixed with boiling water until it becomes solid.  It must be mingled thoroughly and becomes stiff while mixing. 

Chapattis are almost every place where there are people. A dinner plate sized chapati usually sells for 400 Ugandan shillings; half the price of a bottle of soda. 

People of Uganda prefer white rice simply boiled in salted water or fried with oil and onions then boiled in beef broth for a pilou type dish. 

Cassava definitely needs to be prepared properly. It can become bitter if not cooked immediately after harvesting.  It has limited nutritional value but can be dried and pounded into flour to make porridge more filling.

A root that takes several months to grow, cassava is easy to harvest and grows well even in drought. 

Millet is a tiny bead shaped grain that must be husked then winnowed and finally stone ground after harvest; but first it is meticulously weeded.  Then can be mingled

Sweet Potatoes
These come in various colors on the outside but are usually white inside. They are grown in mounds of soil and are eaten shortly after harvest.  For the most part, they are peeled and boiled whole in water.  They are also good served with peanut sauce. 

Irish Potatoes
They usually are russet type and are served simply boiled or fried in tomatoes after boiling.  Mashed potatoes are considered baby food

Although this is a vegetable it is not usually prepared as soup.  It is usually cut into large pieces (unpeeled) and steamed.

Boil beans until soft adding plenty of liquid, cover and set aside. Place one tablespoon of cooking oil into large saucepan; add one red onion thinly sliced.  Fry until translucent then add three medium sized diced tomatoes

Basically any vegetable can make a sauce to eat with the starchy food.  People eat what is available.  In Uganda cabbages are prepared by making salads or cooked and served as side dish.

Egg plants
These are usually mixed in other source or fried alone to make soup.

These are pounded into a dry mixture and boiled in water.  The peanut sauce eaten here in Ugandan does not have any other ingredients except salt

Uganda is home to the largest fresh water lake in the world and the source of the mighty River Nile.  The lake has been over fished, restocked by well meaning foreigners

Triangular sumosa are thin pastry filled with savory peas.  There are also mandazi which are yummy donuts without the hole. 

Sorghum grains are slightly bigger than millet and they must be husked then winnowed and finally stone ground after harvest; but first it is meticulously weeded. In some areas in Uganda people use it to prepare porridge, mingled and others mix it banana to make alcohol

These are prepared by boiling them

The people of Uganda are meat lovers. In Uganda there are huge poultry farms. You will come across many Ugandan meat recipes that involve chicken, beef , lamb and goat meat as their main ingredients.

In Uganda, Pork can be fried or roasted or boiled.

In Uganda fruits are served while taking meals or after meals

Greens are prepared by boiling them or mixing them in other source to make soup

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