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Facilitations of the ICT and Telecom sector

The government of Uganda (GOR) has done the following to facilitate the ICT and Telecom sector;

  • The government allocations to ICT was Shs12 billion in 2012/13
  • The Government of Uganda has tried to promote and support development of appropriate ICT solutions that are affordable and sustainable
  • The government has embarked on initiatives to improve rural connectivity and a national ICT policy was finalized in 2010 to facilitate the proliferation of ICTs across the country.
  • Uganda’s Constitution provides for freedom of expression, speech and association as well as the right to access information
  • The government is collaborating with relevant partners to develop freely accessible language education materials and have them appropriately disseminated while at the same time translating key information resources into local
  • In 2010, the government passed three cyber laws that is; the Electronic Signatures Act, Electronic Transactions Act and Computer Misuse Act which focus mainly on cybercrimes and terrorism
  • Uganda is working within the scope of a comprehensive and integrated plan intended to promote the communications technology sector with a view to supporting the country’s development.
  • Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of ICT decided to implement the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e Government Infrastructure project for high speed communication

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