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Entebbe Town



Entebbe Town is a peninsula  located  on the shores of Lake Victoria about 37 Km from Kampala City. Entebbe  Town  was the capital of Uganda before Independence in 1962. A number of government ministries and departments are still in Entebbe Town.

Entebbe town is one of the busiest towns in Uganda taking note that it holds the Airport, the State House, different Ministry Head Quarters, many recreation centres i.e. beaches and Hotels. It is characterized with good and smooth roads plus the beautiful beaches coupled with high levels of security

Entebbe International Airport
Entebbe International Airport is located 3Kms from the town centre at the shores of Lake Victoria.

In 2011, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population of Entebbe at about 79,700.

Key attractions
The following are the key attractions located in Entebbe Town:

  • National Botanical Gardens of Uganda opened in 1898.
  • State House Entebbe
  • East African Virus Research Institute (EAVRI) established in 1936 by Rockefeller Foundation.
  • The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) opened in 1952.
  • Entebbe Town is also home to the historical site in Kigungu where the first catholic missionaries Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.
  • Beaches including Aero, Imperial Botanical, Spennah beach, Nabinyoonya Resort Beach, Lido and Sports are located in the town.
  • Reptile Village is near Entebbe
  • Entebbe Golf Course is located in the centre of Entebbe Town.
  • Kitoro Leisure Park
  • Beaches: Aero, Imperial Resort, Imperial Botanical, , Nabinyoonya Resort Beach, Lido, Sports

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