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Entebbe International Airport


Current state
Air transport is of strategic importance to the Uganda as it guarantees an alternative gateway to the rest of the world. It provides the most efficient and quickest transport means to and from Uganda. The country’s perishable high value commodities are also exported by air. The development of a safe, efficient and reliable air transport industry is thus among government’s priority programmes.

Entebbe International Airport is located about 40 kilometres South West of Kampala City and the airport lies astride the equator. It borders Africa’s biggest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria.

The airport is managed by an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority formed in 1991 with a mandate to promote the development of a safe, regular, secure and efficient air transport industry in Uganda.

The current airport is a bit constrained because of its limited capacity in terms of airport infrastructure. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has already acquired land to embark on the expansion program of Entebbe International Airport. The expansion will include the construction of a modern cargo centre to decongest the airport. CAA is seeking to partner with private partners to raise the funds needed for expansion.

CAA is also working out a national aviation master plan with International Civil Aviation Organisation to rework the entire airport, a move that will give proper estimates of the funds needed.

The last upgrade of the airport was done in 2007 during the preparations for Commonwealth Heads of state and Government Meeting(CHOGM). The expansion at the time included the VIP lounge and construction of watchtowers among other things.

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