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Cotton Authority
The Cotton Authority has the responsibility to monitor the production, processing, and marketing of cotton so as to enhance the quality of lint exported and locally sold, to promote the distribution of high quality Cotton seed and generally to facilitate the development of the Cotton Industry.

Cotton in Uganda
Cotton was introduced in Uganda in 1903 to serve as a cash crop and raw material for textiles industry. Uganda cotton variety belongs to the G. Hirsutum species whose origins can be traced back to the American upland varieties and Uganda is the only country in the world that grows one variety of cotton, the long-stapled Bukalasa Pedigree Albar (BPA). Uganda’s focus on one variety ensures uniformity and easier quality control measures in producing lint and yarn. Uganda is well known internationally as a producer of high-quality organic cotton, which fetches premium prices. The country has the ability to produce large tonnage of organic cotton using natural predators and locally available botanical agents.

Uganda Cotton Production
Revenues from cotton exports increased reached a level of sh49billion in 2011 compared to sh34billion in 2010.

Areas that grow cotton in Uganda
The key areas that grow cotton include the following:
• Kasese District
• Kamwenge District
• Bushenyi District
• Kamuli District
• Kitgum District
• Katakwi District
• Lira District

Cotton production in Uganda
Cotton production in Uganda is dominated by small-holder farmers whose productivity is often curtailed by lack of resources necessary for cotton production including quality seeds, spray pumps, pesticides and fertilizers. They are not able to irrigate their cotton during the times of droughts. Other factors which have affected the cotton production include low prices, collapse of cooperative unions and alternative uses of cotton seeds. Private sector companies are involved in the production of edible oils, soap and seed cake for feeding livestock, among others from cotton seeds. Quite often enough seeds are not available for planting.

Importance of Cotton
The growing of Cotton is important because of the following reasons:
• It earns foreign exchange for the Country.
• It is a cash crop for number of Families.
• It creates employment in cotton farms and factories.
• Source of raw material for production of edible oils, soap and seed cake for feeding livestock.
• Various products including cotton wool, yarn, surgical cotton and textiles are produced

Cotton Ginneries in Uganda
The following are the cotton ginneries across the country:
• Aboke Rafiki Cotton Industries Located In Apac.
• Aduku Located Apac.
• Arapi Teso Co-Operation Union Located In Soroti.
• Balawoli Cotton Ginnery Ltd Located In Kamuli.
• Bamunanika Ginnery Ltd Located In Luwero.
• Bugema North Bukedi Cotton Company Located In Mbale.
• Bulumba Busoga Co-Operation Union Located In Kamuli.
• Bulumba A Busoga Growers Co-Operation Kamuli.
• Bulumba Busonga Growers Co-Operation Located In Kamuli.
• Busembatia Pramukh Agro Industries Located In Iganga.
• Busolwe South Base Agro Industries Located In Tororo.
• Global Cotton Ltd Located In Tororo
• Clark Cotton(Uganda)Ltd Located In Soroti
• Co-Orom West Acholi Co-Operation Union Located In Gulu
• Dabani Minar Trading Company Located In Busia
• Hoima Magnetic Enterprises Located In Hoima
• Iceme Located In Apac
• Iki Iki Located In Pallisa
• Kabole North Bukedi Union Located In Pallisa
• Kasese Nyakatonzi Growers Located In Kasese
• Kitgum East Acholi Co-Operation Union Located Kitgum
• Ladoto Minar Trading Company Located In Pallisa
• Lukhonge Masaaba Cotton Co Located In Mbale
• Masindi Growers Located In Masindi
• Mukongoro Teso Agri Base Ltd Located In Kumi
• Dunavant Located in Nakasongola
• Nakivumbi Bon Holding Located In Iganga
• Nyakatonzi Located In Kasese
• Nyakesi South Bukedi Co-Op Located Tororo
• Pakwach South West Nile Co-Operation Located In Nebbi
• Rhino Camp Central West Nile Union Located Pakwach
• Rwenzori Cotton Ginners Located In Kasese

Cotton Processing
The following companies are involved in the cotton processing:
• Phoenix Logistics (U) Ltd (carded, combed yarn, meris clothing, t-shirts, pants) located on 5th Street Industrial Area
• Southern Range Nyanza (yarn, fabric bed sheets) located on Plot1 Yusuf Lule Road Jinja
• African Textile Mill (Blowing, Spinning, Weaving,Bedsheets, Baling Cloth for lint, Cotton, Poplin, Cotton fabrics, Grey) is located in Pallisa Road Mbale District
• Pearl Blankets is located in Nakawa Industrial Area Kampala-Uganda
Exporters and importers of cotton and cotton products
The following are the importers and exporters of cotton and cotton by products:
• Dunavant-lint Head Quarters in Kampala 6th Street Industrial Area
• Plexus-lint Located in Ntinda Industrial Area
• Olam international-lint Located on Mapeera Road in Nalukolongo Industrial Area

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