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Cotton Sector Profile

Uganda has one of the best climates in Africa that is moderate with cool temperature that favours growth of cotton. Cotton was introduced in Uganda in 1903 and it is mainly cultivated in areas of altitude ranging between 3500 feet to 400 feet.

Seasons for planting cotton

  • Northern region in April and June
  • Southern region in June and July

Current activities in cotton sector Uganda

  • There is plenty of seed cotton in Uganda
  • Uganda’s cotton is handpicked with less foreign matter in it and therefore is good of fibre
  • Cotton is among the most commonly produced and traded
  • Uganda’s cotton lint receives a premium on the world market of 60% which is among the top quality

Domestic and market potential

71% of cotton lint produced in the ginnery is sold to textile mills in Uganda and balance for export. 29% of cotton lint produced in ginnery is for the manufacture of absorbent cotton wool for the health sector Uganda

Investment opportunities in the sector

  • Cotton ginning
  • Extraction of  cotton seed oil,
  • Making animal feed and absorbent cotton production
  • Cotton yarn spinning
  • Cotton ginning with absorbent cotton wool production





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