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Civil Service

Uganda Civil Service
Uganda Civil Service refers to  all employees in government and government agencies other than the security related agencies. The employees in the civil service of Uganda are referred to as civil servants or public servants.

Public Service Commission (PSC)
PSC is an independent agency established under the provisions of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda with a  mandate of  regulating and coordinating the terms and  conditions of service of civil servants.  The functions of the PSC are re-defined by the 2006 Constitution of Uganda.

Civil Servants
The civil servants are responsible for delivering public services to the public.  The government of Uganda has over 320,000 civil servants in its various departments and agencies for the purposes of delivering the services to the public.

Ministry of Public Service
The responsibility of Ministry of Public Service is to develop, manage and administer human resource policies, management systems, procedures and structure for the public service of the Republic of Uganda.

The Public Service Act
The Public Service Act, 1969 makes provision for matters relating to the public service of the Government of Uganda, the Public Service Commission and for other matters related thereto.

Civil Service structure
The civil service structure in Uganda has been transformed from being a highly centralized traditional civil service model into a decentralized structure with most of the authority and resources now being devolved to the districts.   This provides for  more accountability  and responsive provision of basic services to the population.

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