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cheap real estate companies in Uganda, best real estate companies in Uganda

cheap real estate companies in uganda, best real estate companies in uganda

Real estate is arguably one of the world’s oldest and most varied industries. Real estate is a type of real property comprising land and buildings. Real estate is a new business venture many people are just starting to explore. It is becoming popular year after year due to the ever-growing population of Kampala and the need to settle down in a secure and beautiful environment.


What is real estate?

Real estate might be characterized as the land with every one of the enhancements that humans made to that land, for example, homes, structures, ranches, farms, land, sewers, fixtures within boundaries, and so forth. It likewise incorporates normal assets like minerals, yields, and unfaltering property. These enhancements that include human movement might be beneath the ground, for example, water lines or sewer pipes or more the ground fence, finishing, structures, and so forth


Real estate consists of two distinct components: land, like a lot in the sub-division; and improvements, such as a family house constructed on the lot. There are special physical and economic features which distinguish the property from any other type of property: Unique: one property piece is never the same Scarce: the land is in the fixed provision and there are only so many structures to build on a single plot of land. Improvements: the effect on land can increase value such as more income or higher use. Permanent: as soon as infrastructure like water and sewer systems and sidewalks and roads are built, they will be difficult to replace and cannot be moved. Static: property cannot be transported from one place to another. Indestructible: the land is permanent and eternal (except in cases of erosion). Placement: real estate supply and demand are affected by user preferences like good neighbourhoods and school districts, population and employment growth, and business-friendly governments.


Types of real estate


Residential real estate includes single-family homes, condominiums, cooperatives, townhomes, duplex, triplex, fourplex, and mobile homes, majorly established for accommodation purposes. This is the commonest type of real estate in Kampala because it is cheaper and a necessity for proper living.


Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

Part of the explanation that the business housing market is more modest is that, while everybody needs a spot to live, not every person needs a spot to shop, to some extent simultaneously. Business land is characterized as property utilized for business purposes, including Office space clinical focuses, rural office parks, and metropolitan office towers. Retail space includes cheap food outlets, neighbourhood strip shopping centres, and provincial force habitats. Apartment complexes and more modest multifamily properties with at least five units. Manufactured house parks, recreation, and cordiality property, self-stockpiling and scaled-down storage spaces, parking garages and carports, supermarkets and service stations, and cinemas.


Because of the particular idea of CRE property and the monetary size of the exchanges, periodically business land available to be purchased isn’t openly recorded.


Industrial Real Estate.

Even though modern land is utilized for business purposes like CRE, it is generally treated as a different sort of real estate class on account of the particular way property is utilized: manufacturing, assembling and processing plant, creation offices and food preparing focus, Cooler and refrigerated storage spaces, storage stockrooms and dissemination focuses, innovative work parks, power plants, and solar-based producing stations.



For future development and the rights of natural resources such as minerals, water, or urban air rights, vacant or raw earth is purchased. Land investment is a popular long-term strategy because taxes and maintenance costs are usually very low compared to developed buildings and tenants’ properties. Included land categories are: raw ground undeveloped, camping, hunting and fishing recreational parcels, ranches & farms, timberlands or Orchards, Plans for urban and commercial development (PUD) residential, and lots in an area.


There is also a special kind of real estate called special use real estate.


Special Use Real Estate.

Immovable structures constructed for a specific purpose or multipurpose are classified as properties for special use. Special properties can be found in each of the four types of real estate classes, sometimes called “purpose-built property” including Mixed-use projects combining offices, retail, and homes

TOD or transit-oriented development is a type of mixed-use property in the vicinity of transit stations, car wash and gas stations, sports venues, golf courses, and tennis clubs are recreational facilities. State buildings like courts and postal offices, cultural places, schools in public and private, housing for students near major universities and colleges, senior and helped living facilities, and washing bays.


How the Real Estate Industry Operates.

There are six primary regions in real estate that all cooperate:


Designers or developers who buy crude land, develop new structures, and then, at that point exchange or rent the new item to end clients or occupants. Deals and showcasing firms that handle the offer of recently developed land projects. Land business brokerage firms utilize authorized specialists and unlicensed partners to help financial investors and mortgage holders purchase, sell, and lease a wide range of land. Property management organizations handle the everyday activities of investment property including rent assortments, working with merchants to orchestrate fixes, and overseeing occupants. Land moneylenders give financing to secure property and incorporate organizations like neighbourhood credit associations and local area banks, huge public banks, and home loan merchants who help landowners track down the best advance choices accessible. Proficient land specialist co-ops incorporate bookkeepers and monetary organizers, lawyers, title organizations and escrow officials, and general project workers.


Examples of Real Estate in Kampala.

The real estate industry is one of the prominent growing Industries in Kampala having several companies emerging every year. Some of these companies are Knight Frank Uganda Limited, Zande properties Limited, Luba properties Limited, crane management services, Property Services limited, Stanbic properties, Eastlands Agency, Bageine and companies limited, Broll International, Donville properties limited, Semaganda and associates, Riverstone property and so on.

List of Real Estate Companies in Uganda

A guide to Real Estate Agents; Real estate service providers in Uganda?

Bageine & Co. Ltd.
Workers House 7th Floor
Plot 1, Pilkington Road
Box 6244 Kampala


Eastlands Agency
International Conference Centre Ground Floor
Rm. 265
Box 22841 Kampala

Gimco E.A Property Management Ltd.
Agip House Rm.15
Plot 9, Kira Road
Box 21369 Kampala

Jomayi Property Consultants
Sisa Arcade Room 123
Plot 4, Nakivubo Road
Box 4477 Kampala

JP Property Markets
Crested Towers Short Tower, 2nd flor
Plot 17-23, Hannington Road
Box 23384 Kampala

Kamugasha Agencies Ltd.
Uganda House 2nd Floor
Plot 8 – 10, Kampala Road
Box 26628 Kampala

Katatumba Properties Ltd.
Katatumba Suites
Plot 2, Colville Street
Box 6968 Kampala

Knight Frank (U) Ltd.
Plot 4, Kimathi Avenue
Box 24513 Kampala

Premier Property Management Ltd.
Plot 77,1ST Street Industrial Area
Box 1840 Kampala

Property Consultants
Box 20123, Kampala

Property Managers Ltd.
Otwepa House 1st floor
Lugogo Show Ground
Opp. Bell Lager Stand

Property Profiles
Plot 2B, Nakasero rOAD

Property Point Ltd.
National Housing Estates
Plot 128, Serunkuma Road, Mbuya Hill
Box 40322 Kampala

Tony Jonh’s Ltd.
Plot 51/53, Nkurumah Road

Transworld Properties
Box 33367 Kampala


Akright Projects Ltd.
Impala House 3rd Floor
Plot 13/15, Kimathi Avenue
Box 71806 Kampala

Conrad Properties Ltd.
Conrad House
Plot 30, Jinja Road

Crane Management Services Ltd.
Crane Chambers
Plot38, Kampala Road

Diamond Trust Properties (U) Ltd.
Plot 17/19, Kampala Road
Box 7155 Kampala

JP Property Markets
Crested Towers SHORT Tower, 2nd floor
Plot 17-23, Hannington Road
Box 23384 Kampala

Mairye Estates Ltd.
Plot 2, Binayomba Road.
Off Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi

Metropolitan Properties Ltd.
Metropole House
Plo 8-10, Entebbe Road
Box 8166 Kampala

National Housing and Construction Co. Ltd.
Plot 5, 7th Street
Industrial Area
Box 659 Kampala

P & E Realty Ltd.
Crown House Suites F202 2ND Floor
Plot 4A, Kampala

Premier Property Management Ltd.
Teacher House 3rd Floor
Plot 4A, Kampala

Property Services Ltd.
Plot 65, Yusuf Lule Road
Kitante Box 1707 Kampala

Tropical Properties Ltd.
Bukoto Street

Ubarn Real Estate
Kitgum House
Plot 53, Jinja Road

Bamus Holdings Ltd.

Kanjokya Street 30525,Kampala Kampala


Topline Investments

108 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 3074,Kampala Kampala


Kamugasha Agencies Ltd.

8 – 10 Kampala Road Uganda House 2nd Floor 26628,Kampala Kampala


Bags Agency Ltd

Tankhill Rd Opposite Pride Microfinance Kabalagala Kampala


A.N Consult Ltd.

2 Colville Street Katatumba Suites (Blacklines Hou 12006, Kampala Kampala

031-2107434, 077-2559837, 077-2712837

Mailo-Stone Land Agents and Property Consultants

2 Miles Gayaza Road Kalerwe, Opp. Barclays Bank KK 36106, Kampala Kampala

070-4023527, 077-2411537, 031-2274099

The Corporate Centre Ltd.

13A Parliament Avenue 8726, Kampala Kampala


National Housing & Construction Co. Ltd.

3/5 7th Street Industrial Area 659,Kampala Kampala

041-4330002, 041-4330124, 041-4330154

Zion Construction

Entebbe Road Kibuye Kampala Kampala

077-2968985, 077-2449955, 075-2614052


Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza Rm. 26 Kampala Kampala

077-5528464, 078-2766873, 078-2620944

Core Estate Projects Ltd.

1 Colville Street 3729,Kampala Kampala

041-4257985, 039-2964336, 077-2582175

In Situ Relocations & Real Estates

16 – 18 Nile Avenue Kampala Serena Conference Cent 27779,Kampala Kampala

041-4344199, 075-2267677


Alam Properties Ltd.

13 Kimathi Avenue Impala House 4641,Kampala Kampala

041-4344609, 041-4234000/1

Amber House Ltd.

29/33 Kampala Road Amber House, Suite B118 – B120 35084,Kampala Kampala

041-4347524, 041-4342331

Uganda House Investments Ltd.

10 Kampala Road Uganda House Building 9206,Kampala Kampala

041-4232416, 031-2262821

Mowin Ltd

3 Parliament Avenue Raja Chambers 2nd Floor, Rm. 3 4801,Kampala Kampala

041-4235795, 077-2439777, 071-2815022

Uganda Property Promotions Ltd

33 Nkrumah Road Kampala Kampala

078-2732572, 078-2732572, 077-2447769

Suubi Property Consultants & Management

36 Rashid Khamis Road 27089,Kampala Kampala


Karibu Properties Ltd.

Kampala Road Greenland Towers 2nd Floor Rm. M3 Kampala Kampala

077-7559922, 077-6530530, 071-1540540

Planet Properties Ltd.

Diamond Trust Building 5th Floor Kampala Kampala

041-4668009, 078-2918129

Provide Uganda Ltd.

4 Pilkington Road Colline House 7717,Kampala Kampala
041-4232678, 071-4818818

Canaansites Ltd.

2 Kampala Road Opp. Agip House Rainbow Arcade, 1st 5915,Kampala Kampala

041-4347397, 077-2459555

Transworld Properties Ltd.

35 Kampala Road General Post Office Building 33367,Kampala Kampala

041-4231240, 041-4231240

Katatumba Properties Ltd.

2 Colville Street Katatumba Suites 6968,Kampala Kampala

041-4236441, 041-4342736 

Valley Stream Ltd.

136 6th Street Industrial Area 11102,Kampala Kampala


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