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APARTMENTS IN KAMPALA CITY, UGANDAAn apartment is a flat well-appointed as a house for accommodation mainly or at times used for holidays. Apartments are typically a group of rooms on one floor of a high-rise building. An apartment can also be a room or set of rooms fitted especially for housekeeping services and leased as a dwelling. Most apartments are privately or people-owned and referred to as condos in full condominiums. Accommodations in an apartment are paid for by renters to the landlord called rent money is paid monthly unless one is moving in for the first time, then they pay three months in advance.

Difference between an apartment and a condo.

One of the biggest life decisions is whether to buy your own house or rent instead. An apartment is a room rented out from a larger residential building and taxes are paid by landlords and not renters.  A condo has a similar establishment to an apartment but the main difference is that they are owned not rented out therefore taxes are paid by condo owners. Apartments may come with features such as a pool, trash disposal, well-maintained green spaces and landscaping, gyms, and fitness centres. The landlord or lady is in charge of carrying out necessary operations and maintenance in the apartments.

Considerations for selecting an apartment in Kampala City.

One of the driving forces for choosing an apartment is cost. A deposit is paid to a landlord or landlady when a tenant commences his or her lease for an advance of three months, then afterwards makes monthly rent payments as per the lease agreement. The cost of apartments is usually determined by its organization, aesthetics, and other factors that add more value to it and make it more outstanding than others. Renting an apartment provides an option of lowering the cost by adding a roommate option to the lease agreement, meaning the cost of rent will be divided in half. Most accommodations for rent provide a maximum of two people as roommates. This is advantageous in a way that it reduces expenses incurred by one person especially when the two are close friends, they can share costs to keep things running around. This can also be disadvantageous in the way that your roommate lacks hygiene, and etiquette, doesn’t want to help with the daily expenses or causes inconveniences like playing loud music, then it becomes a nuisance to have a roommate.

When you’ve rented out a room in an apartment and it develops maintenance issues such as leaky pipes, faulty electric connections, and more, it’s up to the landlord to repair these responsibilities. Condominiums and apartments have similar structures whether a high rise or countable floors and come with comparable amenities like doormen, a swimming pool, a gym, green spaces, and more. A location with sufficient security is essential, can be next to business buildings, restaurants, parks, and so on. The HOA rules of apartments also matter in terms of behaviour, conduct, pet kinds to be kept, proper handling of the apartment’s facilities, and so on. It is also imperative to look at its layout, space between doors, windows, bedrooms, and outlets in each room. Appliances such as refrigerators, ovens or dishwashers matter so much that it is concerned with utility bills and energy-saving features. Storage spaces like walk-in closets for clothes, shoes, and so on. Last but not the least, see the railings and porch edges and observe them for any damages. An apartment provides an environment for making new friends since it brings together people from different backgrounds and ethnicities under one roof. In case one wishes to improve the apartment he or she is renting, then he or she is allowed to do so by following the original blueprint of the apartment and they are usually easy to get used to.

Pros and Cons of apartments in Kampala City.


It is a good choice for a temporary settlement, that is to say for those flexible with relocation and not looking for long-term accommodation. It requires little to no maintenance but if it does require maintenance, it’s up to the landlord to carry it out. Apartments are situated next to main city centres with access to restaurants, malls, plazas, etc.


Apartments come in many forms from pools to recreational centres but always have fewer perks compared to condos. When you rent an apartment, you’re not developing your own home but helping others build there’s. Apartments are accompanied by rules that may hinder your personal growth and you could also find yourself next to neighbours who are noisy and who don’t respect your privacy.

Amenities to look for when choosing a good apartment in Kampala City.

These amenities can be divided into community amenities and inbuilt amenities. In-unit appliances; It is crucial to look out for appliances such as an oven, walk-in wardrobe, hookups for laundry, cupboards in the kitchen, and more. Without some of these appliances, it becomes extremely difficult to do regular household chores. If furnished units are available by the apartment management, then you might incur significantly high rent rates. Pet-friendly units, heat and air conditioning, private outdoor space, and a modern kitchen. Some of the essential community amenities include parking, internet access, security measures, fitness centres, rooftops, outdoor spaces like balconies or porches and swimming pools, onsite laundry, and elevators. People tend to choose apartments because they are more flexible than other accommodation modes.

Examples of apartments in Kampala City.

Several apartments are established in Kampala to provide long or short-term accommodations for tourists and locals alike. Different people rent out apartments for different reasons, some apartments in Kampala are;

Mystique Developers Limited
Construction Company
0701 215253

Creekside Apartments Naalya
Real estate fair
Plot 35 Ntinda Road
031 2216000

Boulevard Suites
Furnished apartment building
7th Floor Plot 17, 5th / 6th, 19 Kampala Road · In Kampala Boulevard
Open 24 hours · 0702 711197

Speke Apartments
Furnished apartment building
Plot 19, 21 Wampewo Ave
Open 24 hours · 0200 555000

Acacia Green Apartments
Apartment building
Plot 6-10, Makindu Ln
Open 24 hours · 041 4533576

BMK house furnished apartments
Apartment building
In Hotel Africana
0753 100355

Tagore Apartments
Apartment building
Tagore Cres
0704 601264

Elizabeth Apartments
No reviews · Apartment building
Plot 3 & 5, Bukoto St
0772 443355

Ntinda View Apartments
Furnished apartment building
Kiwatule, Kampala, Uganda, Off Old Kira/Kiwatule Road to the right, Just before Ssebowa Road, Box 21384
0787 492028

Hillview Apartments
Apartment complex
Hill View
0752 650067

Elizabeth Royal Apartments
Apartment building
Elizabeth Avenue

Pinegrove Apartments Ntinda Kampala Uganda
Furnished apartment building
Plot 3934, Kisaasi – Kyanja Rd
0752 779440

Evelyn Apartments
Furnished apartment building
0701 414592

Summit View Apartments
Apartment building
Kololo Hill Ln
031 2298208

City Apartments
Apartment building
Bombo Rd

Windsor Apartments
Apartment building
Windsor Cres
0758 170089

Speke apartments wampewo
Apartment building
Parliamentary Avenue

Naguru ViewPointe Apartments
Furnished apartment building
Balikuddembe Rd
039 3517511

Freedom apartments
Apartment building

Dina Apartments UG
Furnished apartment building
Plot 133 Ntinda – Kisaasi Rd
Open 24 hours · 0712 776620

Simba Properties
Property management company
Simba Towers, Plot 22 Sixth St
Open 24 hours · 0701 096328

Speke Apartments,Kitante
Apartment building
0707 977773

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