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Challenges Facing the Road Sector

The following are the challenges facing the road sector:

  • Policy issues
    Policy considerations and questions arise as to whether the organizations of the road sector have the capacity to absorb the allocated funds and deliver the best job worth the money.
  • High costs
    The cost of constructing new roads has increased both locally and internationally. The public is alarmed at the high rates quoted to repair of roads.
  • Lack of local capacity
    The local contractors lack capacity and  the equipments  which are vital in  quality road construction.  The  equipments are too expensive  for majority of  local contractors to acquire.
  • Vehicle over-loading
    Ovee-loading  causes  serious damage to roads, and is, without doubt, a major cause of the premature failure of some of Uganda’s main roads.  It is also responsible for a number of accidents on the road as some vehicles are dangerously loaded. There is an urgent need to enforce the legislation against overloading across the region.
  • Climate
    Adverse climatic changes which result either in severe drought or excessive rainfall impact the roads, especially if they are unpaved/ murram roads. Excess rainfall of recent has caused landslide in some parts of Uganda.
  • Inadequate human resources
    The current lead agencies namely; National Road Safety Council and Transport Licensing Board are weak in terms of human resources and other logistics.
  • Laws
    There is weak enforcement of existing laws and regulations, and this has ensured low levels of compliance of the regulations
  • Alleged corruption
    There is alleged corruption among the traffic law enforcement departments.
  • Education
    There is limited road education as it has to be continuous and cover the entire country. It is especially limited in primary school curriculums.

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