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Out of about 35 million Ugandans, over 85% live in rural areas of which 73.3% are engaged in subsistence agriculture. It employs over 68% of the population, supporting millions of livelihoods and contributes substantially to the economy. The sector is facing the following challenges;

  • Climate change and its impact on agriculture
  • The challenge of transforming small scale farmers into farmers using modern methods of farming.
  • Many farmers do not maintain quality standards
  • Lack of capital to acquire high yielding seeds  
  • Pests and disease control
  • Limited government  funding to the sector
  • Lack of support public agricultural institutions.
  • Inadequate road network.
  • Challenges arising from ownership of land
  • Lack of clear policies  on export of agricultural produce
  • Rural urban migration has led to reduction of manual labor in some the areas.






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