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Buranga Hot Springs.

The Buranga springs are located close to Ruwenzori Mountains, at the base of Bwamba escarpment. There are 37 springs which receive the geothermal heat from the deep faults of East African Rift System.

The springs have formed their own small ecosystem with lush forest and swamps around the spring attracting numerous birds and animals. The animals come to lick the salt coming out of the earth.
There are three  groups of hot springs located about 700m from each others. The details of these hot springs are as follows:

Nyansimbe Spring
The spring has a swamp around it can only be accessible during the dry season. This spring
has developed a carbonate cone with clear pool of hot water (86°C) in it. The pool has a
diameter of 30 m, depth is more than 5 m.

Mumbuga Springs
These are numerous hot springs in area 60 x 40 m, all springs are depositing carbonates.
The springs can be accessed during the dry season. One spring has built 1.5 m tall travertine
cone with terraces. Water from the ground forms some 50 cm high fountain, rising above the
pool.  Temperature of spring reaches 98.4°C.

Kagoro Springs
These are on an area of 50 x 15 m in a rainforest enclosure.. The springs have built up to 1.5 m high travertine cones with sulphur deposits at one of them. Temperature of water is 60 – 91° C.

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