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biggest shopping mall in Kampala, list of shopping malls in Uganda, SHOPPING MALLS IN KAMPALA CITY


biggest shopping mall in Kampala, list of shopping malls in Uganda

SHOPPING MALLS IN KAMPALA CITYA shopping mall is an indoor marketplace with a collection of independent retail stores, and services plus a parking area established and maintained by a management firm as a unit. Therefore, due to the provision of a wide range of products, shopping plazas make it easy for people to find what they are looking for all in one place with no shipping costs incurred. Shopping malls can also be referred to as shopping centres or shopping plazas and may comprise restaurants, supermarkets, bank services, telecommunication services, theatres, cinemas, occupational offices, service stations, convenience stores like drug shops/pharmacies, laundry and dry cleaners, car parking facilities and office buildings.

When determining whether to establish a shopping mall in a specific area or not, it is essential to determine the feasibility of a site in terms of the community’s ability to support the plaza, significant vehicular access, size, topography and utility availability.


Shops found in a shopping mall

  1. Department stores

Usually at the end of the mall containing items like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home accessories or toys.

  1. Grocery stores

Malls feature grocery stores or small food markets. No need to leave the mall to go to the market all the way downtown to buy groceries when you can get them at the mall.

  1. Restaurants

People after a busy day don’t have time for grocery shopping therefore just order a delicious meal and snacks at the mall’s food court. Whether you’re craving Chinese food, a burger, sharmawa, pizza, French fries or chicken, the mall is always the go-to area.

  1. Clothing stores

Malls display a variety of clothing lines from different designers worldwide from the latest fashion trends to simple new clothes.

  1. Accessory stores

Jewellery stores, and shoe stores, can be found at the mall containing fashion accessories appealing to people of any generation.

  1. Pharmacies

Pharmacies are places where one can purchase medicine as well as health and fitness products. Some malls may have clinics to handle emergencies and seek healthy wise or lifestyle consultation

  1. Technology stores

These shops sell electronics or technology-related devices like a smartphone, laptops, tablets, stereo systems, and telecoms.

  1. Toy stores

These cater to children of all ages providing them….

  1. Speciality stores

Speciality stores sell different things depending on the mall you go to namely; books, fancy pocket watches, ink for printers, and gourmet foods among others that can be quite difficult to find in small retail shops.

  1. Thrift stores

These thrift stores contain items or clothes that were donated and are now being sold, and also if you are interested in donating items, you no longer use in exchange for a small commission, then this is a suitable place for doing that.

  1. Services

The mall consists of a wide range of service providers with differing services, some of which are banking services, salons and barber services, telecommunication services, electronic gadget repairs, and studying for your driver’s license all under one roof.

  1. Kiosks

At malls, several kiosks dealing with a variety of items are established. These kiosks can be extensions of food courts, electronic gadget shops, Chinese franchise stores or souvenir stuff. Kiosks in malls are more advantageous because their visibility to customers improves, enhancing their chances of increasing their clientele.


Shopping malls in Kampala.

Kampala has some of the best malls countrywide becoming attraction sites and must-see places on one’s bucket list for someone visiting the city. For example Acacia mall, Oasis mall, Owino shopping mall, Hamm shopping mall, Ntinda shopping centre, Mukwano centre shopping arcade, Metroplex shopping mall, Magoba shopping mall, City shopping mall, village mall Bugolobi, Lugogo mall, The Village-shopping mall, the Arena mall, Haruna shopping mall, UK Mall Kansanga, Forest mall, Troy shopping centre, Nateete shopping centre, Krish mall, Akamwesi shopping mall, Santana shopping centre, Kibuli shopping centre, Kireka shopping centre, Umoja mall, south point mall etc.


Why go to shopping centres.

Shopping malls get people out of their regular lives for some time and get them to do entertaining things. Malls provide the best shopping experience like entertainment, performances, social get-togethers, new product launches, fun promotions and festivals.

  1. Hang out spots

Malls provide a variety of hang-out spots for friends trying to escape from their daily routines and just relax with colleagues to shop, eat or watch a movie in 3D while eating delicious popcorn. These centres give an opportunity for ladies for exploring a diversity of fashionable clothing lines, perfumes or make-up and for the gents, fancy leather wallets, suits, watches or other appealing electronics and sports equipment since all can be found in one building.

  1. Prime attraction

Malls providing a memorable shopping adventure tend to usually attract a number of tourists. It is very convenient for someone with limited time for shopping and prevents travelling to different areas to locate products for their personal effect.

  1. Physical shopping experience

Online shopping on platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Esty, Jumia or Jiji is quite different from physical shopping. Physical shopping proves to be better since you’re exposed to a variety of products to choose from, you don’t incur shipping costs and after purchase, you leave with your product immediately; no delays, plus if damages exist on the products, you can notice it immediately and chose another one.


  1. Forms a symbiotic relationship

Malls provide a symbiotic relationship with the community it’s located in by adding to their profitability. Some of the Tax revenue paid by the local shops is diverted toward the community’s local treasuries. Shopping malls also create employment opportunities for the residents of the community.


Malls in Kampala expose people to all these exciting opportunities and more. Therefore, if one’s looking for an activity for everyone to be entertained and have fun with, then head to your favourite mall today.

Malls in Kampala, list of shopping malls in Uganda

Shopping mall
8H4M+Q9C, Mukwano Road

Garden City Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
Yusuf Lule Road
0701 114006

The Oasis Mall
Shopping mall
Yusuf Lule Road
0751 078808

Acacia Mall
Shopping mall
14-18 Cooper Rd
0706 712668
In-store shopping

Freedom City Mall
Outlet mall
7HF8+F75, Entebbe Road
041 4342782

Forest Mall
Shopping mall
Lugogo By-Pass
0200 905005

Village Mall
Shopping mall
Bugolobi, 7-9 Luthuli Avenue &, Spring Rd
Open 24 hours · 039 3236726

Metroplex Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
Kampala – Northern Bypass Hwy
041 4240091

Equatoria Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
8H9F+99G, William St
0784 849757

The Mall Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
8H7G+MVC, William St
0777 232375

Aponye City Mall
Shopping mall
Burton St
0700 520053

Ham Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
8HHC+65F, Makerere Hill Rd

Kampala Boulevard
Shopping mall
Plot 17/19 Kampala Road
0752 711750

Lugogo Mall
Shopping mall
Shoprite Rd
0705 021908

Mukwano Centre Shopping Arcade
Shopping mall
8H7G+398, Ben Kiwanuka St
0700 929210

Mukwano Mall
Shopping mall
Mukwano Mall, Kyagwe Rd

City Mall
Shopping mall
Ssebaana Kizito Rd
0754 331417

Titanic Plaza
Shopping mall
8H8G+4JJ, Johnston Street
0759 011292

Kingdom Kampala
Shopping mall
Nile Ave
0702 711146

Park Enkadde Mall
Shopping mall
8H7G+2GH, Ben Kiwanuka St
0704 390741

Pentagon City Plaza
Shopping mall
Nakivubo Rd
0758 152718

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