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Bank of Uganda (BoU)

Bank of Uganda (BoU) located on Plot 37/45 Kampala Road is the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda. It was opened on the 15th August 1966 and is 100% owned by the Government of Uganda.

The primary purpose of the Bank is to foster price stability and a sound financial system. Together with other institutions, it also plays a pivotal role as a centre of excellence in upholding macroeconomic stability.

It conducts its activities in close association with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED).

Bank of Uganda is responsible for monetary policy and maintaining price stability.

Management of the Bank of Uganda:
The Board of Directors is responsible for overall management of the Bank. It is appointed by the President of the Republic of Uganda and is composed of:

  1. The Governor and Chairman of the Board,
  2. The Deputy Governor and Deputy Chairman of the Board,
  3. Not more than 5 other members.

The Bank of Uganda conducts all its activities with the aim of fulfilling its Mission. These activities are carried out under the mandate of the Bank of Uganda Act, 2000 and other legislature.

The Bank’s core activities are:

  • Issuance of Uganda’s national currency/legal tender, the Uganda Shilling (UGX)
  • Regulation of money supply through Monetary Policy
  • Banker to the Government of Uganda
  • Banker to Commercial Banks
  • Supervision and regulation of Financial Institutions
  • Management of the country’s external/foreign reserves
  • Management of Uganda’s external debt
  • Adviser of Government on financial and economic issues

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